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I realize that Leprechauns will be arriving before bunnies but I happen to have some of my spring things here at home. So, I'll post St. Patrick's Day things too, but it will be later. I think that the St. Patrick's Day units that I've seen on TPT are amazing and very hard to beat! I'll be headed there later!!

Bunnies. We make bunny disguises that are sooooo easy and the kids like them. Usually, everyone makes one, but some years it's just the boys because the girls make very elaborate bonnets. Here is a picture of the bunny disguise. They are made from cardboard egg cartons!

Cut the bottom portion of the egg carton cups apart. You have to sort of turn them until you can determine which side will work best and then bend the teeth forward and trim the edges. Be careful because any sharp edges will hurt! Be sure to cut a slit for the bridge of the nose. Next, with a hole punch, make two holes on each side of the cup (see picture). These will be for the whiskers and head-strap that we add later. For now, paint the outside of the cup white (I use a non toxic tempera paint). You can even have the kids just color the teeth with a white crayon. Draw on a black line.

Once it has dried, glue on a bunny nose, then thread three pipe cleaners through one of the holes on one side of the nose and out one of the holes on the other side. Curl the pipe cleaners. Last, use elastic string to tie the head-strap. If it is too tight I guarantee that you will hear about it! And once it breaks the hole on the side of the nose, you have to start over. It pays to do it right the first time.

Top it off with a bunny-ear headband. I use the brads-and-rubber-band method (see picture) so that it fits all sizes.

Carrots for lunch!

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