Friday, March 8, 2013

Five for Friday

I'm excited to link up with Kacey of Doodle Bugs for my Five for Friday!

1. This week I had a sub who doesn't normally work with the little ones.  I knew something was up when one of the kids said, "Wow! Thanks for that teacher yesterday!" They had a blast and asked when she could come back! I met her the next day and she IS adorable and way younger than 'Ol Mrs. Welch!

I use a money reward system where they get to go shopping if they earn 25 cents. I also take money away if they have a behavior blip. She rewarded them heavily because their jars were FULL. I'm going to have to find some reason to penalize them or I'm going broke!

2. I have a few older kids who come to help in my class every morning. It gets particularly crowded on cold days. Today, while they were sharpening pencils and passing out journals, I overheard one of them say, "I think I'd like to be a kindergarten teacher because you don't have to be smart. An eighth grade teacher has to know lots of stuff."

3. I am about to submit my very first TPT project. It's a positional word book about the Leprechaun looking for his gold. The way I work, I'll probably finish it AFTER St. Patrick's Day... I can't believe how much work this one little thing has taken. I'm very picky and I want it to be super easy to use. I'm scared to death that no one will like it. 

4. The Leprechaun made himself known today. I told the kidlets that I had forgotten a treat that I baked for them. After they got over the moaning and groaning and my sincere apologies, I sent our special person to the office to get something. When she got  there, our wonderful secretary handed her a cute little container all wrapped in green to return to our class. She arrived screaming that something had arrived from the Leprechaun. May-HEM!!!!!!!! Inside there was an teeny note with a poem about how he had been listening to the sad story of the forgotten goodies and that he had saved the day. There were little, itsy-bitsy brownies with mint frosting in the box. Well, the day was shot from that moment on but what fun!

5. My lilac bushes are about to leaf and soon to follow there will be lots and lots of flowers. I live on a piece of property that was gardened for a hundred years prior to our moving in. I have ten lilac bushes, some that are 9 feet tall. They are my absolute favorite flower. I am sorry they don't last very long but I deliver big bouquets while I can to all my friends who aren't allergic!

That's it for me!

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