Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five for Friday

It's Saturday and here are my Five for Friday-a day late. No surprise ...

1. The  bonnets and bunny disguise projects got done. Whew! The kids had a blast but wouldn't you know it, I was soooo busy supervising that I didn't take a picture of them. So sad. I can't believe I didn't capture the moment for their parents. We had a child moving away and had a little graduation ceremony for him. Too much going on!

2. We've been working with number bracelets for addition and subtraction. I tried to make a larger version to help with the visuals. The pipe cleaner version is great but hard to show/teach whole group. The kids loved it and could easily see as we worked through problems. It works well for decomposing numbers as well. The hula hoop comes apart and you can slip on or off however many ''beads'' you may need. The "beads" are pool noodles that I cut with a steak knife. I also made a straight version with a dowel. We screwed in tennis balls at either end so that you could add or remove beads.

3. I'm excited to see my lilacs!
 4. Time to sew some aprons!

5. Spring vacation is here and I have some serious weeding to do! THAT'S OVERWHELMING!

Have a great week!

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