Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time for Bunnies and Bonnets!

We have  a very busy week ahead. It's a whirlwind of bunny noses and bonnets. Directions for these silly projects are on earlier posts.

I'm also going to make one of my layered positional word books for Easter. It's similar to the book we just put on TPT for St. Patrick's Day. Here are two of the rough draft pages:

Then of course there's report cards, the Easter egg hunt and a goodbye party for a little boy moving away! Not to mention all the academics!!

I had to include this precious letter from one of my ex-kinders. I love that she calls me the "Queen Pretty!!" I want to be called the "Queen Pretty" from now on!! I don't know if you can see the writing but she also said she loves me "all dag." I had to ask for clarification-she loves me all day. So sweet. Then check out that picture. The effort was magnificent (look at all the stroke marks, no white showing) and it's probably a bigger show of love than the note! I'll keep them forever!

Have a great week! I'd love to hear from you!

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