Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Five for Friday and on time!!!!!

1. I have a small, simple wedding band that I love. It has (or, should I say, HAD) seven very small diamonds. It's perfect for me and it's what we could afford at the time and given that my future was going to be paint, glue and glitter, it was probably appropriate. Did I mention it was small? I will say, however, that my engagement ring is another story. It's a family ring and it's amazing. I wrote in another post that I can't wear it anymore because I eat too many macaroons (but I visit it once a year at it's home, the safe deposit box).

Anywho...about two months ago, while working with a reading group, one of my little people found a shiny, teeny tiny, itsy, bitsy jewel on the table. We had just completed an art project (tooth fairies) and had used those little jewels from the craft store so when he asked if he could have it. I said: "Of course! Absolutely! No Problem! Enjoy!" He put that cool kid-find into his jeans and went out to play.

Yep, you guessed it. It was one of my diamonds!!!!!!!! I didn't notice until a few days later  that my ring was missing two stones.

Well, you won't believe this. I hardly did. Yesterday, that little sweetie was busy working at his desk when he reached in the pocket  and pulled out my diamond!!! The whole class went bonkers, we all had to look at it, (with magnifying glasses), but no one got to hold it. I guess I'll have to wait for the 50th wedding anniversary for the big replacement bling.

2. We sent our Mother's Day hands off to the kiln. All we have to do is glue in our flowers and attach the poem. I've included a picture of the little purse we make to send the hand home in after it's been bubble wrapped. Glad that's all done, now for the card.

I got this from my niece when she was in kindergarten. She leaves for college this fall so it was a while ago. I've seen many like it on Pinterest. The outside is ok but the inside is pretty funny. I'll post the inside to the card tomorrow.

3. Today we all went down to get our snack milk from the cafeteria on our bikes. We almost have enough bikes for everyone but there are lots of kids who love to ride on the back, so it works out just fine. It's a pretty funny sight to see and all the big kids stand near to watch us pass by. The kinders' favorite part is when they get to ride down a small hill on the way back to my classroom. They put their little legs up and down they go. Wheeeeee!  Clear the way though, they aren't the best drivers - we've had some close calls!

If you don't have these bikes and you're in the market for a new batch, check these out. Best bikes ever! They're made by Trek and have lasted about ten years. I can even ride on the back!

4. I went to get (steal) some quarters out of my husband's change cup and look what I found instead! Ha! Caught!
5. I have a "Wall of Love" in a little nook by my desk. We all have them, but I have been teaching for 200 years and have lots of material! I also teach art in the afternoon so a lot of my kids will bring little masterpieces to hang up. But my favorites are their notes. Kids are so sincere and write the most adorable things. I've included a few that make me laugh every time I pass by. Not all of these are love notes.

I don't know if you can see the one on the left, but it says "Ity-it" (idiot). My son actually wrote this when he was 5 and angry with his dad. He folded it into a paper airplane and flew it from his room to his father. I was so proud of his phonetic spelling, but not his attitude, (although sometimes...just teasing).

I am glad the one on the right doesn't say the cat is beautiful and Mrs. Welch is fat!

The note about whiskey had us giggling for days; turns out, "Whiskey" is their cat's name! The last note is pure sweetness!

Have a great weekend. This was possibly one of the toughest weeks all year. My tub is calling...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday

It's Five for Friday on Saturday, (again). Sorry.

1. I think I'll start off with a story...This week I wanted to teach my kinders about blends so I thought it might be fun to bring my blender and make smoothies with them. What a great way to reinforce the idea of  "blending" the sounds together, right? They absolutely LOVED the berry smoothies and got the concept of blends, no problem. I was thrilled. The next day I pointed to the chart where all the blend cards were placed, and asked them what they were called. With great enthusiasm they yelled, "Smoothies!" Well, I guess I laughed a little too much because now I can't get them to call them blends. I'll have to give next year's teacher a heads up! I sort of like "smoothies" better.

2. I put my second TPT packet up last weekend. We (my husband had to help me) worked so hard and it has been a great success in my own classroom. I hope it helps someone else too! It took us forever and I really don't know how you all do it. I have a whopping 3 things in my store. Check them out!

3. I had stressful meetings this week. The thing about those kind of meetings is that when I get home, I feel the need to make cookies! This week I made macaroons! I've never made them before. Super simple.

4. Look who was in my flower box as I pulled into the driveway! It's Rosie, our neighbor's cat. She greets me every day. Pretty sweet.

5. Here's a paper quilt made by my first grade art class! See my April 13th post for instructions. That's it for me. Happy weekend!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Q is for Quilt

Darn!  I wanted to show how to make a  paper quilt and went to my favorite source to buy the shelf paper and was very disappointed to find NOTHING but horrible colors.  Not one floral print to be found. ANYWHERE!! Instead, I had to buy paper but that means glue!! Not great with little people for this particular project. So...

I 'll show how to make the paper quilt but highly recommend that you go on-line and purchase shelf paper with the peel off adhesive so that you don't need glue. It makes this project 100% easier and you might return to my blog for other ideas!! There are gorgeous floral shelf paper designs on-line but I didn't want to wait!

I don't sew(I got a D in eighth grade sewing class-traumatic event)  but having made these paper quilts for many years, I can tell you that precision is important. Not exactly my middel name. Take your time in the prep and you will be much happier with the end result. Use a really good cutting board.

First, I went on-line and found a site with quilt patterns and choose one that I thought looked like fun.
Decide how big you want your quilt squares to be. I usually make mine 9 x 9 inches. The bigger the better for kinders, older kids can handle smaller and more complicated patterns. For the sample, I marked off 1.5 by 1.5 inch squares and then used a marking pen to outline the pattern I wanted and wrote which color/design would go in each shape. Run off as many copies as you need for the kids. I used two background colors for the sample, white and pink. 

Next, you need to cut all the pieces that will be needed. You can cut several layers at the same if you're careful. Exactness pays off. Put all the pieces on the table for the kids to use. I place mine in bowls and always model how to make the block before they start. If you are using shelf paper, show them how to peel off the backing. Fine motor skills are put to the test but once they get the hang of it , things progress quickly.

If you decide to go with paper, I dilute white glue and let them use a small brush. This is so hard with little kinders. Older kids can handle the challenge much better. Once each child has made a few blocks, mount them on a complimentary color and have fun putting your beautiful quilt together!

I used a border punch to make an eyelet type edge for the quilt. I'm at home and had to use small paper but at school we have large pieces of bulletin board paper(and lots of colors too) that work much better.
This is a great project for an art show and to go along with your shape lessons! There are many good books about quilting to read to the kids too. I hope you'll give this a try! Please leave a comment! I wrote this up really quickly. If I skipped a step, and you need help, let me know.

News flash!!! May 8th update-Hey! I am happy to report that I did this with my kinders last week and glue sticks work beautifully! The wrapping paper that is available is absolutely beautiful and the sky is the limit! Wow! Have fun!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday

Five for Friday. Yipeeeeee!

I am barely getting this in but I love linky parties so here goes. Maybe I should find a linky called Save it for Saturday!

1. Lilacs are my all time favorite flowers so I thought I'd better take a picture of the first bouquet of the year! They're just coming into bloom and I have at least 10 big bushes in my backyard! It smells heavenly out there!

2. I've been working on our Mother's Day project and posted a how-to with a cheesy little poem on my blog. The hand on my blog is made from salt dough. It's lots of work but well worth it!

3. Here's a sample of a paper quilt that I make with my kids using shelf liner. No glue!!!! I am posting the instructions this weekend if I can get the pile of laundry done! Ha!

4. We got to have brunch with our oldest son last Sunday. It's so much fun to see him and listen to his stories about law school. I call him way too often to ask about copyright laws (he reminds me that he has a lot of information and no experience).  The bill is going to be huge! Either that or he just won't answer his phone anymore!

5. My youngest is a musician and received some very good reviews this week.. Made his mama proud! Especially because I can't sing and have been teaching children how to sing off key for 30 years!

That's it folks! What a week! I swear my eyes are crossed, my hair is standing on end, I have glitter in my ears and paint on my face. I even wore one black ballet flat and one navy blue one. I am exhausted.Where's the Ben and Jerry's?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mother's Day Poem

Here's the poem to go with the Mother's Day hand:

Here are some flowers bright and bold
Held by the hand you love to hold.
Someday the flowers will disappear
But this little hand will always be near.

 I'd love to know if you could use this silly little poem. A comment would mean so much! Thanks!  What do you do for Mother's Day? I"ll post my silly Mother's Day card this weekend along with a paper quilt project! See ya!