Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday

Five for Friday. Yipeeeeee!

I am barely getting this in but I love linky parties so here goes. Maybe I should find a linky called Save it for Saturday!

1. Lilacs are my all time favorite flowers so I thought I'd better take a picture of the first bouquet of the year! They're just coming into bloom and I have at least 10 big bushes in my backyard! It smells heavenly out there!

2. I've been working on our Mother's Day project and posted a how-to with a cheesy little poem on my blog. The hand on my blog is made from salt dough. It's lots of work but well worth it!

3. Here's a sample of a paper quilt that I make with my kids using shelf liner. No glue!!!! I am posting the instructions this weekend if I can get the pile of laundry done! Ha!

4. We got to have brunch with our oldest son last Sunday. It's so much fun to see him and listen to his stories about law school. I call him way too often to ask about copyright laws (he reminds me that he has a lot of information and no experience).  The bill is going to be huge! Either that or he just won't answer his phone anymore!

5. My youngest is a musician and received some very good reviews this week.. Made his mama proud! Especially because I can't sing and have been teaching children how to sing off key for 30 years!

That's it folks! What a week! I swear my eyes are crossed, my hair is standing on end, I have glitter in my ears and paint on my face. I even wore one black ballet flat and one navy blue one. I am exhausted.Where's the Ben and Jerry's?

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