Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Five for Friday and on time!!!!!

1. I have a small, simple wedding band that I love. It has (or, should I say, HAD) seven very small diamonds. It's perfect for me and it's what we could afford at the time and given that my future was going to be paint, glue and glitter, it was probably appropriate. Did I mention it was small? I will say, however, that my engagement ring is another story. It's a family ring and it's amazing. I wrote in another post that I can't wear it anymore because I eat too many macaroons (but I visit it once a year at it's home, the safe deposit box).

Anywho...about two months ago, while working with a reading group, one of my little people found a shiny, teeny tiny, itsy, bitsy jewel on the table. We had just completed an art project (tooth fairies) and had used those little jewels from the craft store so when he asked if he could have it. I said: "Of course! Absolutely! No Problem! Enjoy!" He put that cool kid-find into his jeans and went out to play.

Yep, you guessed it. It was one of my diamonds!!!!!!!! I didn't notice until a few days later  that my ring was missing two stones.

Well, you won't believe this. I hardly did. Yesterday, that little sweetie was busy working at his desk when he reached in the pocket  and pulled out my diamond!!! The whole class went bonkers, we all had to look at it, (with magnifying glasses), but no one got to hold it. I guess I'll have to wait for the 50th wedding anniversary for the big replacement bling.

2. We sent our Mother's Day hands off to the kiln. All we have to do is glue in our flowers and attach the poem. I've included a picture of the little purse we make to send the hand home in after it's been bubble wrapped. Glad that's all done, now for the card.

I got this from my niece when she was in kindergarten. She leaves for college this fall so it was a while ago. I've seen many like it on Pinterest. The outside is ok but the inside is pretty funny. I'll post the inside to the card tomorrow.

3. Today we all went down to get our snack milk from the cafeteria on our bikes. We almost have enough bikes for everyone but there are lots of kids who love to ride on the back, so it works out just fine. It's a pretty funny sight to see and all the big kids stand near to watch us pass by. The kinders' favorite part is when they get to ride down a small hill on the way back to my classroom. They put their little legs up and down they go. Wheeeeee!  Clear the way though, they aren't the best drivers - we've had some close calls!

If you don't have these bikes and you're in the market for a new batch, check these out. Best bikes ever! They're made by Trek and have lasted about ten years. I can even ride on the back!

4. I went to get (steal) some quarters out of my husband's change cup and look what I found instead! Ha! Caught!
5. I have a "Wall of Love" in a little nook by my desk. We all have them, but I have been teaching for 200 years and have lots of material! I also teach art in the afternoon so a lot of my kids will bring little masterpieces to hang up. But my favorites are their notes. Kids are so sincere and write the most adorable things. I've included a few that make me laugh every time I pass by. Not all of these are love notes.

I don't know if you can see the one on the left, but it says "Ity-it" (idiot). My son actually wrote this when he was 5 and angry with his dad. He folded it into a paper airplane and flew it from his room to his father. I was so proud of his phonetic spelling, but not his attitude, (although sometimes...just teasing).

I am glad the one on the right doesn't say the cat is beautiful and Mrs. Welch is fat!

The note about whiskey had us giggling for days; turns out, "Whiskey" is their cat's name! The last note is pure sweetness!

Have a great weekend. This was possibly one of the toughest weeks all year. My tub is calling...


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  2. I love those hands! What a cute gift that will be when you add the flowers. Just found your through the Neighborhood Blog Party, I'm your newest follower!

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