Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted

I'm joining in on the "Let's Get Acquainted Linky." I haven't done this one in a while!

 1. Why did you become a teacher? I originally thought I'd like to be a nurse. My dad was a doctor, my older sister and my brother's girlfriend were in nursing school or headed there shortly. So, my dad hired me (I think he totally knew what was coming) to work in his office when I was a senior in high school.  Anytime I saw a sad situation, especially with kids, I would cry. I'd be walking down the hall, placing patients in rooms, sniffling- it was pitiful.  He finally sat me down and said he thought that maybe this wasn't the career for me.

He said, "How about working with kids in a happy situation?" Duh. Hello. Of couse! It was a natural fit. I am one of eight kids and spent lots of time caring for my younger siblings. Afterall, I was the neighborhood babysitter.  My best friend was going into teaching and it just looked like fun! So, there you go!

2. Most rewarding moment? I have been teaching forever, and ever, and ever, so I have a few that warm my heart:

*Obviously, watching them succeed is huge. It takes your breath away.

*Every year when high school graduation comes around, I receive a few very sweet invitations from my grown up ex-kinders. I'm so touched that they even think of me, much less invite me to graduation! Last week, one of my grown up sweeties even came to school to invite me in person! I also receive college graduation invitations but not as often, sadly.

*I have a wall near my desk where I hang all the letters I've received from my students. Some are from students who are now in their 30's, asking how I am and do I remember them! I can't look at that wall without crying or laughing very hard; some of the apology notes are priceless!

*I also had the great privilege of having one of my x-students teach preschool right next door to me. I was so proud you'd have thought she was my own daughter (I have also had the honor of teaching all three of her adorable kids).

*I was at a basketball game when a great big kid lifted me up off my feet and gave me a huge hug. When I got my composure back, I recognized him as one of my most rascally-ever kinder boys! How sweet is that?!

3. What would I be if I weren't a teacher? Hmmmmmmmmm. Probably a baker. I love to bake, it makes my home smell good and puts a smile on a lot of faces. Somehow it's calming. Don't ask me to make dinner though! Just dessert!

Now I'm off to see what everyone else wrote!

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