Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted/ Meet 2 Bloggy Friends

I'm joining in on Flying into First Grade's "Let's Get Acquainted" linky. This week's topic is "Meet My 2 Bloggy Friends"
Whimsy Workshop
Kickin it in Kindergarten
I don't think that the two people I'm going to mention will even know who I am! I am virtually a nobody in the blogging world, but I truly enjoy and gain so much from reading all the wonderful and inspiring teaching ideas on their blogs. Elizabeth Hall from Kickin' It In Kindergarten and Susanna Westby from Whimsy Workshop have been so sincerely kind to me. Every time I comment on their blogs they respond back and come to read my posts in return. It can be pretty lonely out in blog land so when someone who is more recognized takes time to respond, you can't help but be touched. I can tell that they are very kind people and talented teachers to boot. If you haven't visited their blogs, you should! I'm so impressed! Thanks to both of them for their thoughtfulness and wonderful ideas!

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  1. You are just a gem...of course I know who you are! You always leave the most thoughtful comments and I am so glad we have connected through blog-land!
    Thanks for the kind words!