Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite pins

Hello! I'm linking up with First Grade Parade's Favorite Pins Linky!
Where to begin!! I've decided to pin some of my favorite art lessons that I've done with my kidlets.  I 've pinned over 500 art ideas on my board already and I'm still looking! Follow me on Pinterest to see more! Remember, just click on the picture for the link!!
Have I mentioned how much I love this?I love this and have made it with the kids as a thank you!
Hammer out the color from leaves, who knew!
If you've never done a leaf print this way, give it a try! Beautiful!                                            
Christmas Carolers these turn out sooooo cute.
We had the entire school make these for our Winter Program. Wonderful!
IMG_0208Hands down the most favorite art project that I've done with my students!
we did this in kindergarten and they turned out beautifully! thanks for a great idea.We made these in the fall during our spider unit. They turned out beautifully!
What parent wouldn't love to have a silhouette and their child's wish for first grade! Great beginning of the year idea!I think this would be great for back to school with the student's wishes for the year!
bubble painted hydrangea craft
Aren't these hydrangeas neat? Bubble art is loads of fun and lots of mess but worth it!
The Lost Sock : Blow you mind... or burst your bubble... or just BLOW BUBBLES!
This was our final art project this year. Both 1st and 2nd graders did this without a problem!

These are my favorite pins of pictures to do with the kids. I can tell you that to do the poster, you have to get up on a ladder but I have also done this on the ground where they simply form the letter standing up against a solid background.
Great first week of school activity.
what a great, heartwarming idea...class picture

I think this makes a cute thank you.

Pictures that I think are beautiful!
white chalk on black paper (I want to have a dance troop join us in the art classroom for this...)/
how simple is this sunny yellow bird - a shape of color, a beak and eye

Watercolor Paintings by RoseAnn Hayes

I wish I could personally thank all the incredible people who've come up with these projects. They've made teaching art an absolute joy! They're also the reason I'm covered in paint, chalk, pastels and glitter! And a big smile.

Happy weekend. I love your comments!


  1. Sandy, I love your pins! I was so excited this morning to see you posted because I knew I would love them- and yep! I did! :) Both of the hand heart ideas are so sweet for thank yous. I love the bubble hydrangeas- and bubbles. I could have those little watercolor bird pictures all over my house! So sweet. The spider web and wish picture are great. I am following you on Pinterest now! Don't know why I didn't think of it before! YAY!
    Kindergarten:Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. All of those pins are great!!! I love doing art projects with my kids, I just rarely branch out from the "torn paper" activities because I don't feel capable. I've just got to go for it because all of those projects are so neat and I'm sure the kids love the completed projects!
    One Berry Blog

  3. Sandy,
    I looked on your site but couldn't find an email. So I'll just leave a note for your on your comments...
    You are one of my nominees for the Liebster Award for up and coming blogs. Check my blog for more details.
    Have a great evening.

    School Is a Happy Place

  4. Sandy,
    I am a copycat to Amber... I just had to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award for new blogs. I don't know if that is "legal" or not to nominate you, too- but I am such a rebel... haha. I love your blog so much. You just make me happy! However-you don't have to do double the "work" for questions! :) I just wanted to be sure to put you on my list on my blog!
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