Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's that time of the week! Throwback Thursday! I can't join in on this linky much longer because I don't have many more throwbacks to throw! Thanks always to First Grade Parade for hosting!
This week I thought I'd share an art project that I actually do for Mr. Luther King Day. It would also be a really fun project for the beginning of the school year when you're trying to foster a sense of community within your classroom. It's the time of year when we talk a lot about our uniqueness and all the specialness that makes each of us precious. We all bring something wonderful to the table, so to speak!

Here it is! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Martin Luther King Crayons

This is another art project that I have done for years. I can't remember where I got it and would like to give credit to the original creator. I'll see if I can find it and post again with their name.

I always start off by reading a book called "The Crayon Box That Talked" by Shane Derolf. The content is simple enough for my little ones to comprehend and it has a wonderful message about being unique and working together. It's the perfect way to introduce Martin Luther King and his dream. The quote on the box is from the book.

I should have used a darker color when tracing around the letters. Also, the kids wanted their names visible so I think that next year I will have each person holding a name tag. I used multicultural construction paper and let them pick out the shade they felt matched their own skin color.

We're a little smooshed in that box, so you might want to think about that before you make your own! Haha!

Well, folks next week I'm back at school getting the bulletin boards up for the beginning of the year. I love to go in about a week before everyone else when it's still quiet and I have all the bulletin board paper to myself! I'm also a yapper and love to visit with friends and get absolutely nothing done if I wait until the next week!

I love decorating more than academic planning (can I say that?) and often wander into other people's classrooms to help out (so I don't have to do the serious stuff). I wonder if there's a need for classroom designers? Wouldn't that be fun to get paid for decorating!! Anywho, I'll post my bulletin boards just in case it can help someone. I hope you'll all do the same so that I can see what you're up to!!

WHOOPS!!!!!! i just went to add my linky to First Grade Parade and I'm not so sure this linky exists anymore! I'll check back with her soon but that is sooooo me to not check first. Tough toasties for Mrs. Welchie! Hmmmm, did the Thursday Linky go extinct-y?

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  1. Sandy, I am so glad you "threw back" because I hadn't seen this post- and I love the idea. LOVE that crayon box and the faces- and I am going to NEED to get that book... thank you so much for the idea! :)
    I like your idea of a classroom designer business, too... hmmm...
    Carolyn :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together