Sunday, July 7, 2013

Liebster Award

I've been hopping up and down like a little kid all morning! I am so happy that Amber from School is a Happy Place and Carolyn from Holding Hands and Sticking Together nominated me to participate in the Liebster Award. We're not sure if it's allowed, but I'm going to go ahead and answer the questions from both (more than you'd ever like to know about me) and nominate 6 blogs.

To accept the nomination I must:
1. Link back to the blog that nominated me
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3. Answer the questions posted for me by my nominator
4. Share 11 random facts about myself
5. Create 11 questions for my nominees
6. Contact my nominees and let them know I nominated them

Here are my six nominees:
First Grade Carousel
Preschool Wonders
A Burst of First
Kinder Cakes
First Grade A to Z
Paula's Place

Questions from Holding Hands and Sticking Together:
1.  How do you spend your free time?
 Thinking up 6 word answers. HA!
2.  What is your favorite candy?
Green Dots and cinnamon bears. YUM!
3.  What is a favorite childhood memory?
 Swimming with my dad and siblings.
4.  If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which would you choose?
 60's. I do a mean twist.
5. Chinese, Mexican, or Italian for dinner?
 I'd like all three for dinner!
6.  Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you?
 Meg Ryan would be really great!
7.  Not counting family, what do you think your greatest accomplishment is so far in life?
 Marathons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
8.  What is your favorite TV show?
 Survivor. I could never make it!
9.  What was your favorite childhood toy?
Any art materials I could find.
10. You can have a half-hour conversation with anyone no longer living. Who do you choose? Why?
My Dad. I miss him terribly.
11. You can have a half-hour conversation with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?
David (David Goes to School). What's up with those teeth?

Questions from School is a Happy Place: (six word answers)
1.  Why did you start bogging?
I wanted to find a community!
2.  If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
How to sew. D in 8th grade.
3.  What story does your family always tell about you?
 Tattled on everyone. Constantly. Without mercy.
4.  What is your favorite song?
My son's band songs from staG. Summerfoot
5.  What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Gardening, although you can't tell now. 
6.  You have a ten minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about?
Find a purpose not a profession.
7.  Where do you like to vacation?
Go anywhere if someone else cooks.
8.  What is one goal you have made for yourself this year?
To reconnect with some old friends.
9.  Do you have a pet(s)?  If so, what type do you have?
 Adopted Rosie the cat from neighbors.
10.  Are you married?  Do you have children?
Yes, to both. Two incredible sons. (picture to come)
11.  What do you "know now" that you wish you "knew then"?
Don't be afraid. Listen-the answer's there.

11 Random Facts about Me:
1. I'm one of eight kids.
2. I've been teaching for 30 years.
3. I went to Whitewater School.
4. I got married in Yosemite.
5. I went down the Grand Canyon.
6. Got a D in 8th grade sewing.
7. Married for 27 years.
8. I wear glasses.
9. I lived in the Idaho Back Country for three months.
10. I make great cinnamon rolls.

Questions for my nominees:
1. Name your 3 favorite movies
2. What's you favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream?
3. Did you have a childhood nickname?
4. First car you ever owned
5. What's your favorite flower?
6. Best present you've ever given?
7. Happiest moment of your life?
8. Vacation spot furthest from your home?
9. Most you've ever payed for a meal?
10. Worst class in college?
11. Wine. White or red?

If you made it this far I'm impressed. That's a little more than six words. HA!! Now go do something fun! Your comments make my day! Thank you to Amber and Carolyn for the nomination. I'm thrilled.


  1. Replies
    1. I love that blog of yours! Thank YOU!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating my blog. :) I am honored.
    Preschool Wonders

    1. I'm excited to read all your responses!

  3. Sandy,
    I love this because I get to know you better!! OK- First of all- I love your son's band and song- and can't wait to show my daughter! Next- love the vacation idea of ANYONE else cooking! And- I want to know all about your grandpa being a spy! I didn't know you ran marathons, either! OH my you are full of fun surprises! I loved this! Thanks for sharing! :)
    <a href=">Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together</a>

  4. I love my son's music too! I'm not sure having your 50 something mom recommend your music when you're 22 is a good thing, but oh well! He's my baby. We really have no proof about my g-pa, just rumors! Yes, I have run 5 of the slowest marathons ever! When I reach the end all the finish line booths are packing up, there's no Gatorade or bananas but there stands my loyal husband! I'm so sad you're not going to Las Vegas for the I Teach K conference.

    1. I am so sad I am not going to the conference either. I would have loved to meet you so much. When my husband asked me about going, I said, "I wouldn't even know ANYONE there- except my friend Sandy." ha ha ha! :) So maybe next year!
      Let me tell you- finishing ANY marathon beats anything I have ever done- I am impressed!

  5. Thank you so much Sandy for my nomination! I really appreciate it!
    A Burst of First

  6. Thank you soooooo much for the nomination. I received the award last summer, so not sure that I can do it again. You can find my post about it here;
    Yes, it is all about loving those little ones during the day. I am still thinking about my kids that left me in June. They were a special bunch that I miss dearly. WOW ~ 5 marathons!!!!!! You go! I much prefer shorter distances - 5K is my favorite. Don't know that I will ever attempt another marathon, but I said I'd never do another half after my first one, and that certainly didn't hold true so now I don't say never, because one never knows. Have a great day.
    First Grade Carousel

  7. I look for your posts in the linky parties and love visiting your blog! Happy summer!

  8. I enjoyed reading about you, too!! I'd like to try your cinnamon rolls! LOL
    Where do you get cinnamon bears? Cinnamon is my favorite flavor and I have never heard of that.

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

    1. Oh my gosh!! Cinnamon bears are the best if they're fresh! Go to your local candy store to find them!! Yum! My cinnamon roll recipe is from my grandparents who owned a bakery. Very easy and have put a smile on many a face!