Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Teacher Clothing

Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

Just a quick post! Have you been over to my blogging buddy Carolyn Kisloski's blog Holding Hands and Sticking Together?

Yesterday she had a very funny post about teacher pictures and the clothing we used to wear.  Her sweater was a classic. Well, I pretty much laughed the entire time and then it hit me. I have some gems from my wardrobe too! I cleaned out my closet last week and I couldn't believe what I've held on to and hate to admit I still wear these dresses for certain occasions. You need to keep in mind that I don't have daughters who would probably throw themselves in front of the door before they let me be caught ruining the family's reputation in these get ups. After you see the dresses you'll understand.

No, I have boys. Yep, they pretty much don't care about mom's wardrobe and so they let me leave the house with bra straps showing, slips hanging below my hemline, hair askew, one earring gone, crooked buttoning, you get the idea. Thank goodness for our young, adorable secretaries and teachers who help me pull it all together at school. I walk into the office before school starts and it's like a swarm of fairy godmothers swoop in and magic happens! It doesn't last though and by lunch I'm covered with glitter, paint and stickers that are not where they should be-which, by the way, my boys don't comment on either.

Ready to see what I'm yakin' about? Here they are. There's a reason they call them moo-moos. The first dress is the one that I've worn for the first day of kindergarten. Both these dresses were hand painted and back in the day were kind of neat. Ok, so let's be honest, they were never fashionable.

Here's my Zoophonics dress. I thought it was so cute!

Well, I hope you had a good chuckle. I could have talked about my hairdos over the years but that's a whole different post! If you'd like to adopt me as your other mom and advise me on fashion I know that I for one, not to mention my friends, would be forever grateful!

Happy fourth of July everybody! If you haven't checked Carolyn's latest post get on over there and have a laugh! I think this would make a great linky!


  1. Sandy, you always MAKE MY DAY! Thank you for this post! :) I am sooo glad I "met" you. I loved your description of them as your swarm of fairy godmothers. :) I bet they love to be there for you. Isn't it so funny what we thought was so hip and cool and in? (Like those words I just used that are probably not hip or cool or in anymore!) Thanks again, Sandy!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. This made me smile! I found you on Preschool Wonders post for Throwback Thursday. I am a new follower! I love your blog name. So cute!
    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  3. I love the dresses! I remember how 'fashionable' they were when I started teaching. You could find them being sold at every street fair. Some of them even had matching wooden bead necklaces. Remember them? I never had the dress, but envied those who did. I did, however, have the handmade teacher vest with ABCs and schoolhouses on it. Shhh, please don't tell. ;)

    Thanks for the giggle!
    Read With Me ABC

  4. You guys just crack me up! I simply love blogging! I actually had sort of like the vest, but a long teacher dress with ABC's and a schoolhouse, and it was very shapeless. At the time I spent $100 for it and I was SO excited.

    Sandy, since I am a blind teacher, one day I went to school with one navy blue shoe on and one black. I bet you've never done that! :)

    Your latest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

  5. I absolutely have done that!!HAHA! I got dressed in the dark because my husband was sound asleep and I didn't want to wake him, and let's face it, I could care less and didn't even notice. I own two colors of ballet flats in the same style. Only kinders would think that was a great idea. The next day they all came with different shoes!!!