Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School...

I went up to my classroom on Monday to start my bulletin boards and turned around and went home after two hours. Here are some pictures of what I found. Brace yourself...We have wonderful janitors (some of the best friends a teacher can have, by the way) and the pictures I'm about to show are no reflection upon them. Matter of fact, the fingerprint picture is my fault. How did I miss these?! Note to new teachers: Disinfectant wipes will become your best friend. UGH! So gross!!!!

Now, I don't expect anyone to know that I had spent hours ironing these curtains last June so that I wouldn't have to iron them in August. They had to take them down because they were cleaning. So sad.
Here's how I have to store my furniture so they can clean.

Next, it was time to take a look at my bulletin board space. Do you ever find yourself asking who designs classrooms? Certainly not teachers. Check out the placement of the fire alarm, TV (obsolete by the way, we don't use it. It's right in the middle of my alphabet) and I forgot to take a picture of my wall clock which is placed in the middle of the other bulletin board space! Haha!
I've been in this room for 200 years so I'm very good at dealing with that fire alarm and clock. No biggie, but really? Do you have this going on in your room too?

I decided to put up my "Kinder-Garden" bulletin board and wanted to redo my Mrs. Welch picture. You'll recognize her from my header. Anyway, this method is definitely old school and I just bet someone will know another much easier way. It does take awhile to complete but you'll have it forever.

Find an overhead projector hiding in the closet or an older teacher's room (that would be me). Make a transparency of the picture you want and place it on the overhead to project onto the wall where you have hung a large piece of paper. Trace, paint, outline.
Brush Modge Podge to seal. I used shiny but they have all different types. Let it dry folks before you move it. ANYWHERE. 
Here's what happened. I decided to take it home to work on and tried to move it to my car. No prob. Right? Wrong! The wind caught it and folded it over. The only other people around were the construction crew guys. I'm pretty sure they think I need counseling. I was bent over the folded mess saying in a hushed but panicked voice, "No, no, noooooooooooo!" It stuck together like glue. Check out the picture on the left. Then, as was driving home I decided to open the windows because the fumes were too much. It tried to fly out the window and folded over AGAIN. I had to pull over on the side of the road and fix it AGAIN. I finally got home and haven't been able to look at it for two days! I got up and fixed it today. The kids will make the sunflower with their parents when they come for the Meet-the Teacher meeting. It's a good thing because I can use them to to hide the boo-boos!

I'll post the finished bulletin board later. I'm not ready to go back there yet!

Here's the sunflower they make:
I also make these little sunflower faces to do with our 5 Little Sunflowers poem. I made one without sunflower seeds. I like that one better because you and I both know that someone is going to try to eat the seeds with glue on them! It's not my first rodeo... These make adorable pictures with their little faces poking through. Make a larger version for some of the more round faces!
I think orange tissue paper around the center would be better! I hope that this helps someone. 

I read a wonderful post recently about thinking about my purpose for having a blog. I love the community of positive teachers that I've met and have so many wonderful resources for ideas and support. I want to give back and hopefully help someone who might be new to teaching. I'm constantly impressed with the teachers I've met through blogging. You are AMAZING!

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  1. Oh Sandy, I laughed out loud TWICE during your description of your drive home. Poor Old Welchie! So endearing, and I know so well that post-disaster "No, no.... no..."! Only there are usually a few other words that come afterwards if things are beyond repair.
    I still have another month before going back and I've decided not to step foot in there until September!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. I totally relate to going in for 2 hours and leaving. You need to ease into it... Just look at your little Modge Podge Mrs. Welch... She tried to hang with the construction guys and fly out the window, for heaven's sakes! I adore those sunflower ideas. They will be precious! And your bulletin board will be, too! Love it!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands & Sticking Together

  3. I've definitely made things they way you made your Mrs. Welch. When you need something to be large it's just easier that way. She looks completely adorable...mishaps & all, she came out great.


  4. Thank you so much for visiting! I love your blog Yes, O' Mrs Welchie will have to do. Doing the transparency/overhead technique takes forever!