Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Smorgie Turns Into Monday Made it!

This started out as a Sunday Smorgasbord post. Well, I  found out there is no more Sunday Smorgie so I am turning it into Monday Made it! Whoops! Thank you 4th Grade Frolics for hosting! Here we go! 

Before I decide on bulletin boards, I always go check out the card section of my favorite  store. There are so many great ideas there. If you've never done this before you might give it a try. They're always ahead of the holidays, so it gives you plenty of time to look. Halloween cards are already out!!

I spent the week cleaning and prepping my bulletin boards for all the art work that goes up that first week of class. Whew! It's a ton of work but I love getting it done.

Here's my welcome to Kindergarten bulletin board. I got a little carried away on the trellis; too many flowers . The kids make a giant sunflower and place seeds around the center circle. I'll glue their pictures in the middle and our "Kinder-garden" will be complete. I love this project but someone always tries to eat the sunflower seeds with glue on them. I have thirty kids enrolled so this board will be bursting!

We also take their picture on the first day of school with the picture frame. I'm sure you've seen this idea all over Pinterest. I'll put them up on this bulletin board.

Here's the calendar: It's not done and yes, I know that December is missing. I'm so mad, I swear I had it in my hand... The only thing different may be the Diary of Days monthly book (hard to see in this picture). The special person of the day will illustrate a picture of something they decide was important that happened that day. I act as scribe at the beginning of the year but they take over later. At the end of the month we can look back at all the fun.  I got this from a teacher conference probably 20 years ago and have found it to be a really fun thing to add to our class library.
I got these  cute little guys from the First Grade Parade. She uses these fellas in a similar way. Make sure you check out her post about it. She has done lots more with it than my example. I also always use food to teach whenever I can and if you look closely, you can see the number 16 on a little cookie in Even Steven's hand. I use a pile a of real cookies to divide between the special person and Mrs. Welch. If we both end up with the same amount, it's even. If one person gets more (they become very pushed out of shape if it's me that gets more), it's odd. You've all done this but I thought adding the cookie for a visual might help. I have a little cookie jar that I keep the paper cookies in. Thank you First Grade Parade!

Surf's up! This bulletin board says "I went flip floppin'." I wrote a really long poem that I actually think would be fun as a book where you just see the feet throughout the story until the end when you find out it's the teacher. One more thing on my list... Anyway, we make flip flops and the kids tell me where they went this summer. I also let them wear their flip-flops that day.

Because of the length, this poem would be better suited for a reader's theater for second or third grade. I just pick a few of my favorite lines to use with kindergarten! I'll post the short version but if anyone wants the longer version,  let me know!

My flip-flops are my favorite shoes,
I wear them every day.
I take them on vacation
And always out to play.

I wear them to the swimming hole,
I wear them to the sea.
I wear them to my friend's house,
And when I climb a tree.

I wear them to the movies,
I wear them to the store.
I always make sure they're on my feet
When I head out the door.

I love the way they show my toes,
The way they go "Thwack, thwack."
And when I'm walking by myself
I sometimes "thwack, thwack" back.

I guess it's time I changed my shoes,
And came up with another plan.
But even after I put them away,
I can keep my awesome tan!

Or as an alternate ending you could use:

I guess it's time I put them away
They're looking sort of old.
Besides, summer's almost over,
and it's starting to get cold.

I spent Saturday at the store picking out fabric for my aprons. Those women were so tired of me, let me tell ya! I even heard one say, "I'm going to lunch. She can torture you now." I can't seem to make decisions by myself and kept asking anyone who was nearby for an opinion. Geez! Here are some of the combinations. What do YOU think? HA!
How sweet is this? A wish bottle for emergencies!

I'd love a comment...or two! Happy Sunday!


  1. That little wish bottle is my new favorite thing! Lovely idea!
    I love how Odd Todd really does look a bit odd. :-)


  2. You've been busy. Love all of your creations.

  3. I love your Diary of Days idea- and all of your bulletin boards! You have been busy! The flip flop poem is just adorable. Your fabrics are awesome. I am so bad at making decisions by myself, too- why is that?! You did GREAT.
    :) Carolyn
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. The Diary of Days is a great part of our day. I wish I could say it was my idea but it's not. Oh well, I hope it helps someone. That Flip Flop poem goes on and on and on. You can't believe how carried away I got with it. thanks always for commenting, my friend!


    1. Hey Carolyn!! I haven't checked my blog in a few days. Yahooooo! How nice is that? I'll have to think of a good way to say thank you to my blogging buddies...thanks to you for being my most faithful follower. I dearly appreciate it!

  5. Hey Sandy..

    Congratzzzzzzz, Happy to be one among the your 100 followers.

    Party Time!


    1. Yeah! 100 followers. I'm so grateful. I think I'm supposed to have a give away or something. I'm super busy but will try to think of some fun way to thank all the kind people who have visited. Woot woot!

  6. Brenda Seek here. Just some input, I love the black one best, the grey apron is good, the two edges are ok, but the second and third from the right are just washed out in the photo and I don't think they would sell well.
    I really enjoyed our chat this morning and wish you all the best, in TpT, blogging, the aprons, and your real life with kindies.

    1. Thank you so much for your opinion. I wish everyone would say which color they like! Thank you for being so flexible about all the schedule changes I threw your way! Nice to meet you. Have a wonderful school year.