Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday

I can't believe I'm still awake. I'm poop-deck tired signing up for another Doodle Bug's Five for Friday linky. It's only 8:15 but that's 15 minutes past my current bedtime. Here's a whole lot of random...

I am the bravest teacher in the history of teaching.

Or the stupidest.

I'm leaning towards stupid.

Thursday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So, my 28 Kindergarteners and I "Yo, ho, hoed" and "Aye ayed" and growled at each other all day. No wimpy (smart) "First Day of Fall" for me. No safe (intelligent) "International Day of Peace". No cautious (peaceful) Vivaldi or forgettable (easy) Autumn Leaves. No applesauce for us, matey! We had hooks and swords and eye-patches and bandannas and telescopes and we turned the play structure into a ship  We walked the plank, sang sea shanties and dug for buried treasure. I have the biggest headache I've ever had in my life (but it was worth it)!

Here's a picture of Captain Welch with my fearless side-kick and First Mate (and classroom aide!!! Woot woot!)

2. Color wheels(I think these are from mamajean. I'll try to find the link). Way fun, people!
3. Apples: Super easy, super messy.

4. Fun for "5 Little Pumpkins"

5. "No, David"-our important rules.

Gotta love this rule! We never talked about bikes in the classroom but I think this is a great idea. :)

I'll write a more thorough post about the apple art project later. I do it with my kinders every year and it is amazing, but wow, is it messy!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I want to be in your class! Is 58 too old for kindergarten?

    1. You made my day! Thank you! I have the best job in the world!

  2. Yay for Captain Welchie! What a great picture. I met a teacher who took photos of every dress up she's done with her class themes and holidays - and wow, what an amazing collection. She has them on her class wall and it made me wish I'd done that too! I think your pirate picture is one for the wall!
    Hope all is well with you, Sandy!

    1. I just want you to know the facial hair is fake:) Oh my gosh, if I had pictures of every outfit...My family is always so embarrassed when I dress up. When my boys were in high school they made me promise to change at school and not go out in public.Ha. All is well here! It's Johnny Appleseed Day on Thursday. I'm off to find my overalls and beard...

  3. Sandy, I LOVED that pirate picture!! :) OH my gosh! And no riding bikes inside is an awesome rule, by the way. You are the bravest teacher. Hands down! :) Enjoy your Sunday! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Haha! Thank goodness for you and Susanna! It was quite the day, I tell ya! I didn't actually bring out all my rascally pirate activties because we have a full blown Pirate Day in June. I have all summer to recover...Love to you!