Friday, September 13, 2013

Five for Fried-Day

Hellooooooo Five for Fried-Day! After my second week back I am EXHAUSTED! I started this post two weeks ago and could never get back to it. Thank you Doodle Bugs.fiveforfriday2_thumb3
1. Remember these guys? They're from First Grade Parade. Her ideas are always wonderful but this is one of my favorites. They've become our favorite part of the calendar! I cut out 30 paper cookies and keep them in a little cookie jar. If it's the 12th day of September, we count our 12 cookies. Beginning with Odd Todd, we place a cookie in his hands, going back and forth to Even Steven until all the cookies are passed out. They like to say, "One for Todd, one for Steven." They know if Steven and Todd have the same amount, it's even. If one of them has one more, it's odd. We place the cookie with the number written on it in the right guy's hand. Who'd have thought this would be so much fun! Go check out First Grade Parade's post about these two. It's wonderful! Thank you Cara!

2. Big Cheese: Each day I have a Special Person of the Day. We call them the Big Cheese. They get to sit on our special stool and be a mini me for the day. They do the calendar, lead the pledge,  pick people to line up, etc. Power does a not so funny thing to one's personality and it cracks me up to watch each child lead in their own dictatorship way! It's also an eye opener to watch them mimic my teaching tricks.
At the close of the day, we have the Special Person put on the Cheese Head hat and we write a little story about them. It's a great way to teach the difference between a question and statement. The kids ask questions about the person and as they answer, I act as scribe, leaving out punctuation or capitals. At the end, we go back and reread our story to correct our mistakes. The Big Cheese gets to have two friends illustrate the story and then take it home.  Woot woot! They love it! Here's mine.

3. Being flexible. I have a little person who has a difficult time transitioning. I felt truly sorry and went looking for a new way to deal with this on Pinterest. I found this idea and gave it a try. It made total sense to all my kids. Check it out if you're having the same problem.
Encouraging Appropriate Behavior~ Th

4. Pet Show: the Neighborhood Entreprenuer's  Club is alive and well! If you've read some of my past posts, you know that I have some pretty funny little kids in my neighborhood. They sell glitter rocks and lemonade for astronomical prices. The best was the fingernail painting salon! Hilarious. I always stop for lemonade and glitter rock stands. Always. Never drink the lemonade though. Never.

Here's the flyer that I found on my door last week.
The bad news is it closed at 8pm. Not only is that past my bed time now that I have 29 kinders, but I didn't find it until the following morning. Tough toasties! I shutter to think... At least it was free. I'm sure it's some new marketing technique. :)

5. TLC Firefighters: Here's our effort at saying thank you to our firefighters-kindergarten style! We live where the fires have been and as we all drove away as fast as we could, those brave firefighters rushed straight towards the danger. Thank you soooooo much!
I wanted to include this cute bulletin board from our 2nd grade teacher. Her students wrote about someplace they had been over the summer and then drew a picture to go with it. I wish you could see the artwork better. It's really wonderful!
In closing, this is my new favorite quote. Ha! Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful and cute way to teach even and odd! I love that! The snapshot of our summer is great too!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. You need to be sure and check First Grade Parade's post. It's her idea and she uses it in so many neat ways to teach even and odd. Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. Found your post on FIve for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
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    1. Thank you, thank you. I've been stuck at 103 for weeks! You made my day. I'm headed to your blog right now!

  3. Your 'big cheese' of the day is adorable! I also love that you turn it into a Q&A session with writing- what a meaningful, fun activity! Oh wowza- 29 kinders??
    Hope your week starts off well tomorrow!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core