Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday

Hello Five for Friday! I'm beat. We had our feast today and was it ever busy! Those little people can sure eat lots! Half of it was on their faces, but still...

Thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting my favorite linky party!

Here's some major random for you!

1. Here's a writing activity we did this week. It came about because when we were talking about which foods they liked and didn't like for Thanksgiving dinner, we got some surprising answers. We got to laughing at their responses and decided we needed to do a yummy/yucky page. I adore 5 year old phonetic spelling. It's the best!
"Kinderese" is my favorite language. This little guy doesn't like "smashed potatoes." I actually saw a recipe for these on Pinterest! :)  It looked pretty tasty!

2. Here's our classroom all ready for the Feast. Each child had a placemat, turkey-milk carton holder,
necklace, vest and bracelet (from Holding Hands and Sticking Together).

3. We hung up our family portraits and the parents LOVED them. Whew!
I read an updated version of my Thanksgiving poem to the parents and kids at the end of day. I hate to say that the kids fake-laughed their way through the poem but the parents enjoyed it. I think.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey is in the oven, the peas are in the pot.
The pie is on the windowsill until it’s not so hot.

The potatoes are on the stovetop, the yams are in the pan.
Aunt Judy’s green bean casserole won’t be ready “until the top is tan”.

There are cranberries on the counter, gravy in a boat,
And something simmering on the stove that sort of burns my throat.

There’s a salad on the table, full of nuts, tofu and sprouts,
And I don’t know where they are, but I can smell some Brussels Sprouts.

There are plates of beets and carrots, trays of cheese and meat;
My entire house is full of things that I don’t like to eat.

My couch is full of uncles; my kitchen is full of aunts.
Our dining room is overflowing with candles and flowers and plants.

The entryway is packed with shoes; the closet is a coat hodgepodge.
And I’m not supposed to open the door that goes to the garage.

The guest room is off limits; it smells like grandma’s perfume.
And Great-grandpa Charlie is napping in my room!

Cousin Lily is in her crib so I can’t make a sound,
And Grandpa Joe is in the backyard – I think he’s just wandering around.

The TV is turned to football; all my toys are put away,
There’s not a place in my whole house where I can go to play.

My favorite cousin Chelsea, couldn’t visit us this year,
So we won’t be able to perform our Holiday Premiere.

And I won’t be getting my makeover or increasing my fashion knowledge,
Because my favorite Aunt Belinda isn’t coming home from college.

My Uncle Tom is always fun and he usually brings a game,
But this year he brought his girlfriend and that’s just not the same.

Mom is busy cooking; grandma is fixing her hair,
And dad went to the basement to get another chair.

My entire house is full of folks and they’re all full of cheer,
But I don’t think a single one of them, even knows I’m here.

Well, they’re calling me for dinner and I know I can’t be rude.
Time to “sit still and mind my manners”; time to poke at all that food.

But wait, what’s this? There’s no little table - sitting over there?
No “special children’s corner.” No rickety folding chair?

And look! My mom is waving and dad is smiling with glee.
There’s an open chair between them – and they’re holding it for me.

Wow! My own nametag, my own napkin, my own crystal goblet with ice!
Wow! Everyone looks so pretty. Everything smells so nice.

So this is what it’s like. This is the fancy living.
Eating at the grown up table; Man, I love Thanksgiving!

4.  I wrote why I was thankful for each child on our windows ( I have 28 kids this year and the windows were covered).  I love these window pens. I write little notes to our parents every week on the window in front of my classroom. I'm always forgetting something in our weekly note.

5. Finally a thankful thought!
I am so thankful for  those little smooshed faces on my window every morning as I go to unlock the door.  I am thankful for striped socks, tutus and mismatched shoes (I love it when the kids dress that way too. Haha).  I am thankful for all the mispronounced words (kinderese) and for the "I love you Mrs Welchie," yelled like Dennis the Menaces' "Hellooooooo Mr. Wilson," from across the cafeteria. I am thankful for the ridiculous jokes and senses of humor, 5 year old outlooks on life, ability to sing off key and dance like nobody's business. And not care! Oh, and those notes that you find on your desk at the end of the day!!! How could I forget those!

And not to be forgotten...a husband who brings home take-out on tough days. Like today. And my claw foot bathtub!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

I love this:


  1. I LOVED THIS POST! Thank you so much for sharing your fun at your feast with us. What a perfect memory you made for the kids and families. I can just feel the love that is in your room right through the computer. <3
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

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  3. Thank you Carolyn for always commenting. You keep me going. Kisses in Heaven to you!

  4. Sandy, I love those window crayons! I am going to have to check Amazon to see if I can get some. What a great idea! Hope all is well :)

  5. Happy Holidays Elizabeth! Thank you for commenting-it's always nice to hear from you! Just think, this time next year you will be having Thanksgiving in your new home!!! Take care>

  6. Wow, Nice post. I like that poem. well done