Saturday, November 16, 2013

Late for Five for Friday

 Hello Five for Friday. I'm joining in late, as usual. It's tough to get to this little project before Saturday. Thank you sweet Doodle Bugs for hosting. This is my one and only weekly blog post!

It's a week about all things turkey! Look at this little cutie. Just made me smile...
And here's a poem:

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey’s in the oven, the peas are in the pot.
The pie is on the windowsill until it’s not so hot.

The potatoes are on the stovetop, the yams are in the pan.
Aunt Judy’s green bean casserole won’t be ready “until the top is tan”.

There’s cranberries on the table, gravy in a boat,
And something simmering on the stove that sort of burns my throat.

The stuffing’s in a big bowl, the rolls have been put out.
But there is absolutely no way, I’m eating a Brussels Sprout.

There are plates of beets and carrots, trays of cheese and meat;
My entire house is full of things that I don’t like to eat.

My couch is full of uncles; my kitchen is full of aunts.
Our dining room is overflowing with candles and flowers and plants.

The guest room is off limits and smells like grandma’s perfume.
And Great-grandpa Charlie is napping in my room!

The entryway is packed with shoes; the closet is a coat hodgepodge.
And I’m not supposed to open the door that goes to the garage.

Cousin Lily is in her crib so I can’t make a sound,
And Grandpa Joe is in the backyard – I think he’s just wandering around.

The TV is turned to football; all my toys are put away,
There’s not a single place in my whole house where I can go to play.

Well, they’re calling me for dinner and I know I can’t be rude.
Time to “sit still and mind my manners”; time to poke at all that food.

But wait, what’s this? There’s no little table - sitting over there?
No “special children’s corner.” No rickety folding chair?

And look! Mom is waving me over and dad is smiling with glee.
There’s an open chair right between them – and they’re holding it out for me.

Wow! My own nametag, my own napkin, my own crystal goblet with ice!
Wow! Everyone looks so pretty. Everything smells so nice.

So this is what it’s like. This is the fancy living.
Eating at the grown up table...

Man, I love Thanksgiving!

And here's a whole lot of random:
1. Nothing earth shattering this week. More art to come next week as we prepare for the Annual Thanksgiving Feast. Oh, it's quite the "To-do" and I hope the kids have a great time. We serve a full lunch and invite our parents to have dessert and chat before the holidays consume us. It's a nice way to be reminded of all we're thankful for.

Here's a little wreath we made with watercolored leaves. I wrote what each child said they were thankful for. It's above our little fireplace. I included another wreath that I'm not so crazy about. It's made from coffee filters.
2. Here's our Mayflower. The kids had to think of one thing they would have brought along for the long, hard trip. These will be typed up and placed in a little paper trunk. One little politician said he'd take Mrs. Welchie along on the Mayflower. There's one in every group.  :)
3. Here's a little turkey that holds our milk carton (or my half and half) at our feast. He's easy to make. Really.
Cut a square and fold. Cut a slit to middle, fold and staple so it stands.
Neck and head.
4. Family portraits are one of my favorite projects. My problem is that the kids do a great job with the first two or three people and then they go down hill from there. I'm sympathetic because I'm from a family of ten and I used to HATE this project as a kid. So, in an effort to make it easier, I'm trying the circle- method this year. I love my Fiskar circle punches and plan on using them to cut a variety of circle sizes for different aged family members.
These are the shirts. Easy!
Arrange adults first.

 Place the rest of the family...
 add details,
Whew! I'll let you know how this goes. I don't like the "sameness" of each person and this method definitely takes away the uniqueness of a child's art that I adore. It could be a disaster!

5.We have a frog, folks. It is soooooo loud! The other day, when we were actually caught being quiet, we heard the loudest croak. It was so exciting. We all started tippy- toe-ing towards the flower planter as quietly as twenty eight 5 year olds possibly can. HA! Every time we moved, it stopped croaking. That poor thang better stay hidden if he knows what's good for him, is all I have to say.
I have 28 report cards hanging over my head so it's time to go!
I do have to tell you about a bit of a scare I had while assessing my kids first. 

I was showing one of my kids the alphabet in random order, asking the name of each letter. Every time I pointed to a letter and asked the name, he would turn to me and say ,"I have no idea what that letter's name is!" I'm sure the absolute look of horror on my face must have frightened him. All I could think was, where has this child been for the last 9 weeks? I've failed. I could feel a panic attack coming. 

We continued to more letters and each time I asked he would become more upset with me and now my eyes were welling up with tears.... Finally, he turned to me and said in complete frustration, throwing his arms up in the air ,"Look Mrs Welch, I didn't know that each letter had a name like Bob or Tom. I just call that one an A and that one a B and that one a C."
Oh. Thank. Goodness.
I told you this story because it is in moments like this that I know, without a doubt, I have the best job in the world. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I wanted to end with this picture. Don't you just feel like all children have that twinkle factor?
Happy weekend!

Tis the season...  


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the letter name story! HA! "This is Bob, the letter A." :) All of your art projects are just amazing. You do so much. I cannot imagine having 28! Good luck with report cards. I will be thinking of you. At least we know the little one who would take you on the Mayflower will be getting a good one! ;)

    1. Oh, those report cards...It's the comment section that takes hours. It's the first report card for many kids and those first time k-parents take things soooo seriously. :)

  2. I teach art so I agree that the 'cookie cutter' family could be a little less self-expressive for the children, but ONLY if you make them chose what and how to cut paper for body, hair, etc. The also if you show them your example they will all do the same face as you. I do think the circle punch for the faces is a great start to a cute little project though! Perhaps just give them the faces with the example of just the heads/bodies. Put out a few mirrors for them to see a real face ... encourage them to look at each others hair too.
    Just a few thoughts! Have fun with it!!

    1. I am so happy you commented. Yes, I'm not feeling confident about this project but I'm going to give it a go. I agree that if I show them my sample I'm going to get cookie cutter people. I think I'll put out the materials and see what happens. Love your suggestions!