Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Made It

Hello Monday Made It! We are putting our Feast outfits together and thought I'd show you our vests. You're going to think I'm nuts when you see this!! It may seen like way too much work but the kids like them.

We have a Thanksgiving Feast just like everybody else, I'm sure. We also invite the parents to come watch the mayhem and have coffee, dessert and holiday conversation! It's really nice to see them slow down for a moment and enjoy their children and each other.

The kids dress as either a Pilgrim or Native American, either wearing a Pilgrim hat or head dress. But everyone wears a vest. Now, I don't know about you, but I've had nothing but bad luck with those paper bag vests. The sharp edges bother their necks and as soon as the group picture is taken, those vests fly off.

About 15 years ago, in an effort to make something that they'd enjoy wearing for longer than 5 minutes, I decided to make paper vests using a pattern. I don't sew but could handle these little gems. Instead of sewing, I staple. It's how I've always "sewn"(I got a D in eighth grade sewing).  Either with staples or duct tape! :)  It's tacky for all other purposes but perfect for this creation.

Cut your pattern pieces.
Staple the seams.
Press seams open.
Turn right side out and press with hands.
Decorate with paper pattern block shapes. I only had the squares out but we use all shapes!
Yes, it's more time consuming but the kids will actually wear them.

I had plans to staple all 28 of our vests tonight and just discovered I left my trusty stapler at school. Dang! Where's the duct tape...

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