Friday, December 27, 2013

13 In '13 Linky

I'm jumping in for the 13 In '13 Linky Party. Thank you Miss Kindergarten, Teeny Tiny Teacher and Dragon Flies for hosting. What fun!

Oh dear. I'm so not a fashionista. My sons would tell you my favorite article of clothing would be anything that is baggy and belongs to my husband. They're probably afraid to get married because their beautiful bride might eventually wear pjs like mine. Truly, they have been scarred for life.

Hmmmmm. Delivery Man.

Modern Family

Any restaurant. Really. We don't go out often but if someone else is cooking, I'm happy. So is my husband! :)
I am the WORST with technology. So learning about the computer was big for me. The fact that I have a blog is beyond amazing. When people ask me if I have a FB, I laugh. First of all, I had to find out what FB stood for. HA! I must be the last person to NOT have a facebook. I just learned how to text and I had to call my son to find out how to answer my smart phone. 'nuff said.
This makes me laugh. So, my husband and I promised not to give each other an anniversary present, we'd just go out for a lovely dinner. I kept that promise, he didn't.

He promised not to give me a b-day present (we decided dinner out was perfect. Have you picked up that I'm not a great cook?). He didn't keep this promise either.

When Christmas was rolling around, we promised to get each other a new printer. I knew he wouldn't keep this promise either so I got him presents. Of course I got him presents! Well, guess what. He kept his promise! Ha!

We laugh a lot.

I sit and look at Pinterest in the morning before I go to work. I love the art ideas that pop up and pin lots of those. I also love the quotes and some of them resonate so much with me. I can't pick, so I'm cheating and putting up a few of my favorites. Forgive me.
work hard + be kind.

Your favorite was the art portfolio post. The post I had fun with was 10 Things I've Learned From
I mentioned it above. Learning how to use the computer.

I'm laughing because there are so many mistakes in this post and I don't know how to fix them. So sorry!

My family's Christmas card from a while back is my all time favorite picture!

As you open the card, it's us, all grown up!

I'm old. I don't have much of a memory anymore... Actually, so many wonderful things happened. For Christmas, my mother in law asked us to write down kind things that had happened to us this year. My list was very long.

To worry less. It's such a waste of time. I'm considered gifted in this area.


Happy New Year everyone!
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  1. Nice. Learning how to use technology is a big accomplishment. Way to go!

    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Thank you Lucy but, as you can see, I have a long way to go! :)

  2. Love your "13!" Hey...I will tell Elizabeth that you said hello! Wish you could come to her blogger meet-up. I'm leaving at 4:30 am to drive the 7 hour drive by myself! Wish you were close and I'd pick you up! :) Will you be back in Vegas this year? Blessings on your 2014! --Holly

  3. Oh, I WISH I could go to Elizabeth's meet up! Yes, I'm headed to Las Vegas this July! I'm hoping to bring some friends this year. Happy New Year to you, too! Safe journeys.

  4. Hi Sandy, I found your site on this 13 in 13 linky party! Loved it & clicked to follow your posts! Can tell we have some things in common! Holly and Elizabeth follow you and they have awesome taste! Hung out with them this summer in Vegas and hope to see them again and meet you this summer! Lcie aka Thebeezyteacher

  5. Oh, thanks so much for stopping by. Elizabeth and Holly are very sweet and have helped me quite often with blogging questions. They are very talented and have big hearts, to be sure!

  6. Great to see that you started this article to cherish your childhood, we all have such memories but now we don't give look back to it since busy in making money. You reminded me my childhood, thank you for sharing such a wonderful post