Sunday, December 22, 2013

Late Five Words for Friday

Five words for Friday! My five words are: I thought Friday'd never come!!! Thanks as always to Doodle Bugs for hosting.

Happy holidays to all of you who don't have to clean and cook for a grown up party on Saturday (my husband's idea). Huh? What was he thinking?

Crested Auklet

 I'm beat. Really. Couldn't be more tired. Can you tell I'm a little concerned?  I love our friends, but a week of magical Christmas fun with five year olds is exhausting and I'm not sure how much magic I have left. Sandy Claus wants to put on her jammies and watch old movies. But no, I don't have a tree or presents for one person in my family. I'll be one of those last minute shoppers fighting for a parking place. After I clean my house. And do some baking. And buy a tree. Set the table...Oh my!

I'm sticking to my 5 words (or so) for Friday challenge. I don't have time for my usual wordy post...

Homemade cards for my buddies!

Parent present bags and gift.
How did this happen? Huh?
Same way this happened!! I love their artwork.
Table full of present bags.
Parent presents ready to go!

Prep for the busy week!
Tutus ironed for program. Check.

Rudolph hair accessories ready. Check.
Reindeer noses for party. Check.
Vests glued (I don't sew) and ironed. Check
Polar Express bell under tree. Check.
Gift exchange-pull a string!

Here's our magnificent tree topper! Hahahaha!   :)
Every year it makes our tree droop to one side. Don't you think it looks like a Dr. Seuss tree? It gives it lots of personality but it might hurt someone! I know we should trim the top and adjust it correctly. No way!
(More than 5 words! Whoops!)
Hoppy halidays everyone! Whoops. Happy holidays. I need to get some sleep. Enjoy your families.

Inspired By: Snow
Inspired By: Snow


  1. Sandy, I do NOT know how you do it all. That may have been my favorite post ever. (I know I say that a lot... but really!) All of your cards, gifts, and projects are SO special! I hope your party went well. I can't even imagine having one after last week! :) I hope you and your family have such a wonderful RELAXING Christmas! I can't wait to catch up after the holidays!
    Love, Carolyn

  2. Hey there, Carolyn! Where is your Five for Friday? It's the first one I look for! Party went fine. Not speaking in full sentences these days. Too much to do. Have a wonderful holiday! Email your address so I can send you an apron to try out for me! :) Need opinions!

  3. Yes we are super excited about Christmas at our house. The fun really starts tomorrow.
    I love your craft pics, especially the extra "creative" projects. And the Rudolph hair is to cute. We may have to try it out.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Yes, those "creative" projects make me giggle. I swear they move faster than lightning. I was standing right there and the next time I looked, it was done! Gotta love their art! A's hair would be perfect for the Rudolph 'do. They used those sock thingys for the bun. I think she'd love it! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Friday's are the best, it gives the feeling of relaxation that we are going to have 2 days off now yahoo. I just love the feeling of Friday's and hate the feeling of Monday's