Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday


Happy Five for Friday. Thank you sweet Doodle Bugs for hosting!
This week is a little of this, a little of that.

1. What a really ridiculous week. I had so many silly things happen that I pretty much spent my week in hysterics. Here's one of the reasons why:

My husband was gone this week on a business trip (he runs a rafting company so I'd have to say his "business trips" are pretty fun). We had record low temperatures in California and I was freezing all week. One night I left art materials out in the car and at about 8:30 I decided to go out to get them.

As I was slip sliding my way to the car, I heard major waterfall sounds coming from the "north 40." I knew what that meant and headed out in the pitch back night to investigate. Not before I pulled on my husband's gigantic rubber mud boots, though. This wasn't my first rodeo, and I've been up to my knees in mud in that back yard before.  I should also mention that I was wearing possibly the most unattractive pair of flannel capri jammies and my husband's hoody sweatshirt. It doesn't really matter if you know that, it just sort of paints a picture.

Sure enough, there was an antique spigot (our home is over 100 years old) sputtering violently next to the garage and shooting water onto the wall of our cottage.  Dang!! I ran into the house and called our next door neighbor.

"Hey, Scott!!! Help! The hubby is on a trip and you're the on-call neighbor when he's gone. I'm really sorry to bother you but we have a big problem over here. Hurry! I need your help!" I tried to explain in detail what was going on. There was definite panic in my voice.

The voice on the other end of the phone calmly said, "Are you safe?"

"Yes," I said.

"Are you in any danger?"

Now I'm beginning to think this is a little strange...


Good, because I'm not Scott."  Whoops. Wrong number.
Silly Bills
Reason number 2 for laughter:

Every year I'm pretty sure that the first grade teacher has to correct some kinderisms that I encouraged. I love how 5 year olds mispronounce everything. As a young child I said my prayers wrong all the time... Hail Mary, full of grapes... So, you see, I come by it quite naturally.

Last year it was blends. Here's the story from an earlier post:

This week I wanted to teach my kinders about blends so I thought it might be fun to bring my blender and make smoothies with them. What a great way to reinforce the idea of  "blending" the sounds together, right? They absolutely LOVED the berry smoothies and got the concept of blends, no problem. I was thrilled. The next day I pointed to the chart where all the blend cards were placed, and asked them what they were called. With great enthusiasm they yelled, "Smoothies!" Well, I guess I laughed a little too much because now I can't get them to call them blends. I'll have to give next year's teacher a heads up! I sort of like "smoothies" better.

It happened again. This week we learned about syllables and they kept referring to them as "silly Bills." Again, I must have laughed a little too hard because now they think it's sooo funny to say it their way. Sorry, first grade teacher!

We spent the week doing all sorts of gingerbread activites from Deanna Jump's Gingerbread Unit. It's adorable. The kids were engaged and loved every second.

We also did a measurement activity with a kindergarten sized paper gingerbread man named Ginger Fred. They used their unifix cubes to compare heights with Fred and their classmates.  Then we lined our class up in order based on our results. They found out that you need to be very careful when you measure! Our line was not correct and we had to rearrange people. We even figured out where Ginger Fred would fit in. Such fun!

Here's the little ginger people that we made. It's moments like this that I am amazed at the amount of  kindergarten students in my class. Look at all those gingerbread people. I'm not whining, just sayin"...
Ever since we made Rudolph's Crazy Cousins art project, I can't get them to take their art seriously.
They put goofy eyes on everything. I think this little gingergirl resembles me at the end of the day!
 Here's the road I drive every day to school. It's called the Old Grade and I'm taking a picture from the New, Not So Scary Grade that you have to take when they close the Old Grade. Last year, as we were driving to work, we watched a young man snowboard down it. It was something, I'll tell you. If he was one of my ex-kinders, I must have forgotten to teach common sense that year! Every time I look at it from this side, I can't believe I drive up that thing every day!

As you can see, we got some snow. Here's our pitiful attempt at a California snowman!
Finally, we made Christmas tree cones instead of gingerbread houses. If I had known how much easier these were, I would have made them YEARS ago!
Tree is up . I let the kids redecorate any time they want. I think lots of moms may not allow this at home because they can't get enough of it!
Love letters. So sweet but I can't help but ask, where's spaceman????

Have a great weekend. I'll be getting parent presents and class Christmas cards ready to go home, just like many of you. And ironing tutus and vests. And prepping art projects. Oh my!

I love your comments.


  1. So many good things in this post! I really want to try those cute Christmas trees - I know my kiddos would just flip over those! We also came home to spewing water one day last week when the hose burst after freezing. (We forget to take them off and wrap them up every winter). Oh well... I get to buy a new one each spring!
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    1. I can't even tell you how much easier those silly trees are compared to the gingerbread houses. With 28 kids, I needed something easy! And not as expensive either! Those darn pipes. I told my husband he can't leave if the temp goes under 30 degrees!

  2. OH my gosh I loved this post! First of all- love your wrong number story- and that guy's response! I hope everything is fixed now. I love that you let the kids redecorate the tree. They will never forget that. I love the smoothie story and the silly bills! Oh my gosh! And you NEVER whine about the number of kids in your class. I would look like that crazy ginger lady every day if I had that many! You are amazing.
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  3. Thank goodness for you and Susanne. I'd be a lonely girl without you two!