Monday, December 2, 2013

My Own Monday Made It

Just a little somethin', somethin'.

 I started taking out the holiday decorations today and thought I'd show you a sort of hanging daily mental health calendar. It's nothing big, but the kids enjoy hearing fun ideas for the day. I took it from a mental health calendar that I found my first year of teaching (200 years ago) and have one for every month.

I simply made paper gingerbread people and decorated them with puff paint and numbered each one. 
 I always scatter them on the table and ask the kids to help put them in the right order. It's the perfect challenge because we're learning to write our numbers to 20 right now. Going to 25 is exciting!
Inside each gingerbread man there are suggestions for a happy day. I hang them up above our calendar and we read one each day after we open our Advent calendar. They won't let me skip it!!  
That's it, folks. Short and simple.
 I just thought I'd throw this in. We're learning the sight word "here." I love the period!

 I hope you're enjoying the holiday magic! Isn't he sweet? We did something similar to this last year for each child in our class. The card is then attached to their parent gift.
I love your comments!


  1. LOVE the photo idea for the kiddos' cards! :) Thanks for sharing! How is your weather? I live in Indiana, where we usually have snow....and this storm completely missed us!?

  2. Holly, you have such a sweet heart. Thank you for commenting!