Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday!

Disheveled Owl
Crazy week. A little disheveled. It's me by Friday! HA!

Happy Friday to everybody!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs and the Five for Friday linky party . Thanks Kasey for hosting! Here's what we were up to in my class this week!

Look what I found in my closet. You take your life into your own hands when you open those cabinets, let me tell ya. Somehow I missed these little jewels, stashed in the way back of the closet. White glue is not a kindergarten teacher's best friend and I must have ordered these in hope of kindling a better relationship with that scary stuff.

The picture of the little kid on the label is enough to make me steer clear. Run the other direction, in fact. What were they thinking?

They're replacement caps that only let out a small amount of glue when they press the tip down. Sure they do.

 I had to laugh at the promise of making your glue problems go away. No spills, no clogging and no problem. No chancey!!! Been there. Too. Many. Times.

I'm trying them out next week. Hope springs eternal... They actually look pretty neat!

Happy Chinese New Year Dragons! My kids loved making these.
Of course, long dragon tails mean you just have to go outside and run like crazy. I'm so thankful there were no head-ons. It's one of those recesses where you're grimacing the entire time.

It was a regular rookery in our primary building this week. We were all learning about penguins. 

New most favorite word EVER...regurgitate!!!!
Here's a kinder penguin. This little girl does a better job then her teacher!
First grade penguins.
Second grade did these beautiful pastel penguins. They'll be adding babies on Monday!!

I had the silliest thing happen by mistake. I laminated our list of sight words so that I could hang them above my desk for safe longevity. It was sitting on my desk when a little guy asked to use it during writing. He got out a marking pen and circled the words he wanted rather than using our writing folders which can be overwhelming ( so many words and letters in a small font).

Pretty soon everyone wanted it and they were passing it around the tables. The next day it was tug of war time. Huh. Who'd have thought! I'm making a class set this weekend with their classmate's names on the back.

Ground Hog Day project. Easy peasy.

Because I can't say Punxsutawny Phil and my children are even worse at it, I call him P. Philly, sort of like P.Diddy. Here's my rap to go with the art project:

Hey P. Philly, what do you say?
Let’s get to work, it’s Groundhog Day.

Time to tell us what the weather will bring.
Six weeks of winter or early spring?

Hey P. Philly, what’s the news?
Open your eyes and take in the views.

If you see your shadow, winter’s here to stay,
And if you don’t see it, spring is on the way.

Hey P. Philly, what’s that you’re sayin’?
If it’s sunny outside that means winter’s stayin’?

And if it’s cloudy out that means winter’s excused?
I hear what you’re sayin’ but you seem confused.

Well, thanks P. Philly, that’s really cool.
Now we know what to wear to school.

If it’s cloudy out we wear swimsuits,

And if it’s sunny out we wear our boots!

One more ground hog...
This is from a post I wrote Thursday:

My first and favorite is this pin from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Her blog is amazing and has helped me so many times. This is a pin from a packet she has for sale on TPT called Tops and Bottoms Companion Pack. It's very clever, adorable and on my list for sure!! The rabbit, veggie and fruit people are sooooooo sweet. Hurry over to check it out.

Here's her bear. Isn't he the cutest? I love that the eyes open and close. As soon as I saw him, I thought he would make a great ground hog. Perfect for  the whole waking up from a winter's nap thing!  I just added whiskers( he needs a few more) and teeth. Mine isn't as sweet as hers but you get the idea.

I feel lazy like a sleeping bear when...

Here's mine.

Here are a few more things we were busy with:
We've been working on place value and using my Base Ten Number cards. We made the teen flip cards and they turned out well but the picture didn't. Whoops!

This is our "Love Tree." I ask the kids how their loved ones show them they care. I'll write their responses on the hearts for all to see.

Our plants are so confused in California. Look what was already blooming in our school's garden!

I love this pin! Those were the days!
I  wish someone was still in charge of my hair.

Love it! Miss it!
Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. LOVE the Chinese dragon!! LOVE the groundhog! The penguins are amazing! I will love coming back to see what you are doing!!

    Terri Izatt

    1. I'm so excited you visited. I love your blog!!! Thank you so much!

  2. I just love reading your blog and looking at all the awesome pictures! I wanted to let you know I have my "Bank of First Grade" up and running. It is working wonderfully, and it is amazing how quickly the children are grasping the counting of coins. Thanks :) Maria

    1. Yeah for the Bank of First Grade! anyone commit fraud yet? I caught someone with pockets of change from home. Happens every year1 :) You made my day. I love your blog! Thank you for commenting!

  3. You must know I'm going to comment on such wonderful artwork in this post!! Even though we've moved on to study Africa, we might try those cute penguins anyway! And here we don't ever ever ever let kids use the white glue. NO WAY! It's glue sticks or nothin! : )

    See you in Vegas??

  4. Hello Miss Susanna! Aren't those pastel penguins somethin'? Our second grade teacher is a very talented artist. I can't wait to see the baby penguins next!
    My glue is kept up on the HIGHEST shelf! HA!
    I would be beyond excited if you and Carolyn came to Vegas for the K conference!!!

    1. I'm already booked for Deanna's Wednesday session! Yay!

  5. Your descriptions always make me chuckle! I can't wait for an update on those glue caps! First of all (well second, I guess) I LOVE that owl picture. Oh my. And you always make the most adorable art projects! LOVE the laminated sight words. That is genius! Have a GREAT week! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together