Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ground Hog Ideas and a Rap!

Ground Hog Day is Sunday and I don't know about you, but I try to prep by Friday or I end up working all weekend! I thought I'd share some really cute ideas I found on Pinterest and a silly rap I have for the occasion! My hope is that this might help you get ready too.

My first and favorite is this pin from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Her blog is amazing and has helped me so many times. This is a pin from a packet she has for sale on TPT called Tops and Bottoms Companion Pack. It's very clever, adorable and on my list for sure!! The rabbit, veggie and fruit people are sooooooo sweet. Hurry over to check it out.

Here's her bear. Isn't he the cutest? I love that the eyes open and close. As soon as I saw him, I thought he would make a great ground hog. Perfect for  the whole waking up from a winter's nap thing!  I just added whiskers( he needs a few more) and teeth. Mine isn't as sweet as hers but you get the idea.

I feel lazy like a sleeping bear when...

Here's mine.

Here's a silly rap to go with this little fella. I'll either have him holding it with two little paws or  I'll glue it on the back. Put on a sleeping cap and get those hands and feet moving!!! I would have made it a freebie, but I don't know how.   :(  I can't say Punxsutawney Phil and neither can my five year olds. He quickly becomes Punks and Tawnie Phil. So, I shortened it to P. Philly, sort of like P. Diddy, and made a rap. Hope it makes you and your littles laugh!

Hey P. Philly, what do you say?
Let’s get to work, it’s Groundhog Day.

Time to tell us what the weather will bring.
Six weeks of winter or early spring?

Hey P. Philly, what’s the news?
Open your eyes and take in the views.

If you see your shadow, winter’s here to stay,
And if you don’t see it, spring is on the way.

Hey P. Philly, what’s that you’re sayin’?
If it’s sunny outside that means winter’s stayin’?

And if it’s cloudy out that means winter’s excused?
I hear what you’re sayin’ but you seem confused.

Well, thanks P. Philly, that’s really cool.
Now we know what to wear to school.

If it’s cloudy out we wear swimsuits,
And if it’s sunny out we wear our boots!

This is an activity I've done forever. It's all over Pinterest. Super simple and the kids love it!

Here are just a few other finds! They're all so cute it's tough to pick! I also included some short video clips and a book that looks good, maybe for next year. I have lots more on my Pinterest board.

paper plate groundhog day craft

This is a cute chart from Kindergarten Rocks.
Ground Hog Day's Chart. 
"Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day!"

This little hat is adorable!
Groundhog Day Pattern Hat
Kid friendly and interesting Groundhog video
Kid friendly and interesting Groundhog video
Cute video clip of groundhog in nature.

Groundhog day pancakes... Use a donut hole for head, Cherrios for ears, use white icing and mini chocolate chips for eyes, mini red M nose. How flippin cute is this?! you have to search this site for it if you can't figure it out on your own.

Punxsutawney Phil- On Feb. 2, use the link on this website to see the
official Groundhog Day video :)

The Groundhog Song from First Snow in the Woods--cute hibernation song

I hope this helps someone! Happy Ground Hog Day!!!
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I love your comments!

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