Monday, February 3, 2014

Favorite Valentine Pins

My Pintrest board is a mess. I haven't organized it at all. Ever. It's a mish mash of kindergarten ideas and I'm apologizing before hand if you go to visit. I usually pin as I'm sipping coffee and watching the morning news.

Here are some favorite pins for Valentine's Day.

I'd like to try some of these sweet ideas and hope you find something to use! Isn't Pinterest an amazing resource?! Sincere thanks to all who contribute. Click on each picture or the highlighted words to get to the original source!
We make a paper Valentine quilt every year. I'd like to use this pattern.  The quilt was made by!

This would be really fun for the kids.

Here's a neat art project. I love this blog.

I think kinders could handle this wreath. I'm just not sure I could handle cutting out enough hearts for 29 kids!


Unbelievably sweet and simple Valentine's keepsake

Valentine treat for class.

Each child is assigned a color.

Valentines day heart

Heart chain

Bulletin board idea.

Aren't these bags sweet?

Would't it be fun to wake up to a
Valentine Hallway?

Sweet cards

My personal favorite is this long distance valentine!

Here's a little poem to go with the long distance valentine above!

That's all folks! I really need to spend some time organizing my Pinterest board...or go take a hot bath!

Guess which choice is gonna win?

There are lots more valentine ideas on my board but you have to go through the whole mess to see them all!!

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