Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday

Hello, hello, hello! Happy Friday! Isn't this the sweetest picture ever? Too cute!

It's time for Five for Friday. Thank you as always, to Doodle Bugs for hosting!

I was out sick two days this week and slept all day on Wednesday- haven't done that in years. Happy to be on the mend and back with my little buddies! 

Here's some of my week:

If you're a more "mature" teacher, you'll remember the Math Their Way boxes.

 I spent hours and hours and hours making the boxes. And hours. Mine weren't as beautifully made as these. A very dear teacher, who has since passed away, gave me hers and they're incredible. My kids LOVE using them for various math concepts. We're using them for addition and subtraction right now.
I found some great math
ideas from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten on Pinterest the other day. She has wonderful activities for progressing through the concepts of addition and subtraction. My kids are having a blast! Be sure to check this fabulous post!

I mentioned that I was sick for two days. My sub was a former student and now I am so lucky to have her daughter in my class.

Wow, I'm old!

Anyway, I'm so tickled that she's teaching! I pestered her for years to get her credential and to have her subbing in my classroom is just really wonderful. And she's good. Really good.

Speaking of old, I walked into my classroom and look what she put up for me!
Our 100th Day Portraits

She's like me because she can't stand things to be hung up on the wall crookedly. If something is just the tiniest bit off, it bugs me all day until I fix it.

I love how our portraits turned out. Now, I just have to figure out where the rest of the quotes are hiding!

We're usually on the letter V by now and I love to draw violets in vases for February. The violets in my yard are everywhere at this time of year and are so sweet.

Well, folks we're not on v.

Tough toasties.

We made vases anyway but they have these huge coffee filter and paper towel flowers. Paper towels hold the color so much better than coffee filters. If you want bright colors, go that route.

And let me tell you, the kids had so much fun. I showed them how to press down gently on a paint loaded brush and the colors will take off. Fun with a capital F!! Woot woot! I love 5 year olds. So easy to make happy!

As we were cleaning up, I looked over at the sink 'cuz there was way too much action going on over there, I tell 'ya! That's where all the magic (and shoving) was happening. The kids were crowded around the sink watching the water turn colors (our sink drain is slow, which just encourages this sort of thing) as they dumped my precious liquid watercolors.

See that set of white sleeves? Not white for long...
Oh well, it was a teachable moment. We talked about mixing colors. They kept telling me they were doing "'speriments." I'd say it's time to take out the water table. 

Dental Health month means it's time for Tooth Fairies! We watched our Tinker Bell movie and payed close attention to how the fairies were dressed, both boys and girls. We looked at books with fairies. Finally, we decided they all had certain things in common (wands, wings, crowns) and made sure to include those in our pictures. Normally, we draw and label a picture of a Tooth Fairy but we're late this year and need to begin our weather unit next week. After we celebrate Read Across America. 
Oh my, things never slow down...
I think the results are delightful and I can't wait to show you what they look like after paint and lots of glitter. They name their fairies and write about what they think the real Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects.

 I love Deanna Jump and Dedee Wills. Their writing units are great and I highly recommend them. We brushed up on characters this week after I noticed some slacking in the illustration and content area of our stories.
They drew the main character in their story with detail.
She really and truly looks like this. I love the "do."
Great detail!
Then I found these gems. I read Cindy's (KinderKay) post from Love Those Kinders last weekend and got so excited! Fabulous!  It's exactly what my kids need right now and I rushed to her TPT store to purchase her Writing a Storybook for Little Kids packet. So, so good! My author's are so enthusiastic that I can't get them to stop writing.
 Here's just a little sample of the books they're working on.
My Horse
I love this picture. She chose to write about the zoo.
We saw the mom and dad bears.
This little one is writing about her family.
Here is my family.
Another zoo story:
They have rats.
I got to feed one. I fed it cheese.

Thanks, Cindy!!

This is a great lead in to writing and publishing our stories. That's another post. 

In a nutshell, they publish their most favorite story. It's typed, they illustrate and we bind the book. An All About the Author is on the first page, where I take a picture of the author and we interview them about their hobbies and life. Finally, towards the end of school, we could have an author's book signing event and ice cream social.  Make copies of each person's book and they answer questions and sign their books as parents walk around and purchase a copy (25 cents) from each student. It's adorable ( they wear the thick rimmed glasses and vests) and I would warn the parents ahead of time to bring a role of quarters. Cindy's little books are going to be a big help to motivate me! It's a lot of work!

I'm off to put my feet up and enjoy our rainy weather! If you've read my blog before, you know that our household revolves around water. My husband runs a white water rafting company and water is obviously a big deal. Too much. Too little. It all matters.
Happy to see the rain!

Here's another sweet face to end my post!

Happy weekend!
I hope you'll follow me! I love your comments!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! Being sick is never fun! That's so neat that your sub was an old student!! It bugs me when things on the walls aren't straight too...and my tape never holds so everything always ends up crooked. So I've started using velcro, at least for things that are staying up for a long time :)

    Have a nice weekend!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming my newest follower! I am your newest follower, too! :)

    I just LOVE all of your art! You are creating wonderful, little artists! The flowers and vases are just lovely! Thanks for the tip about the paper towel, btw! So smart! Oh, and your tooth fairies are so sweet. Is it a directed draw? I am so impressed with how adorable they are...can't wait to see them paint and glitter!!!

    So many wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  3. I always absolutely all the adorable drawings and artwork in your posts! And I remember Math Their Way too!
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Love those Math Their Way boxes. Did you ever make the Box It and Bag It boxes?