Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sick for Saturday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday on Saturday! Thanks to Kasey for hosting!

My Five for Friday has turned into Sick for Saturday. I think I'm sick because I'm THAT teacher who forgot to send the note home that said to not let the kids address their envelopes to each and every single friend.  Rookie mistake? I've taught for over 30 years and I can't believe I forgot this sacred rule.

More likely dementia.

Valentine delivery in my classroom was crazy. I have 28 kids.

 Who can't read all their friend's names.

Or seem to remember where their friends sit.

I had a delayed reaction and as soon as they left, I started looking for leftover treats to eat.
 Normally,  I stay away from sugar, but not yesterday. I may have taken some candy out of an absent kid's bag, I'm not sure ( just joking). 

I've recovered. We actually had a great time.

Here's my week:

All Things Valentine:

Love bug prep. I love to end our day dressing the kids up in this giant valentine and walking them out to their parents. We recite the little poem that goes with it and then dismiss them . I forget how much my boys hate this. It's just too sweet for them and they complain big time. The hats are off as soon as they reach their parents. I happen to have a picture of my own son crying in this get up. Maybe it's time for a new idea!
Look at all this pink! Those poor boys. Heart necklaces and long distance valentines ready to go.
Love bug hat. Ok folks. I LOVE their art and I especially enjoy when they make it their own. We were all there for the same instructions and look at the different results. Precious. These crack me up!

Legs out of the bottom
This child does everything better than her teacher!
The next two hats are personal favorites.
See the antennas sticking out the top?
Valentines for my girls
One of my little girls made this bag to carry her valentines. So cute!
I have some very sweet people who help me every single day. My TA is a ray of sunshine and puts up with all my silliness . Then there are the school secretaries and an amazing principal. Good people. I think they deserve many, many valentines. And lots and lots of hugs!
The person I foolishly forgot was the janitor. That poor guy walked into my room yesterday and walked right back out. He said he'd be back later. I'm thinking he probably had to go take some deep breaths and count to 10.  He's super patient but I'm pretty sure he's going to retire early because of me...

Abe and George directed art:

Sometimes, after we've done a handwriting lesson, we'll go outside and write letters on the sidewalk.
Or the playground equipment. Whoops! I've taught them how to do graffiti! This week they wrote the letter R everywhere they could.

Then one of them decided to write it on our door where I write our weekly sight word. I didn't notice until an adult pointed out that our sight word "love" had turned into "lover!" Ha! Yikes. We quickly fixed that!
The 100th Day of school is on Wednesday. We'll be making our 100 year old portraits, as usual. Here are mine from last year. They're the same as everyone else's except that I use black eyed peas for the eyes and kidney beans for the lips.

I found these chalk pens on Pinterest and ordered them immediately! I write messages to my parents on my windows all the time and these are perfect. They erase much more easily than my grease pens and they come in such pretty colors! Be still my heart!

I love my job. I really do.  Here are just two funny reasons why: 

Do your kids do this too? 
If they've worked the entire free play time on a project, their hearts break when it's time to clean up. Mine too. So, they beg to save their masterpiece and I cave every time. Check out two projects that just had to be saved. The janitor loves me...

I begged for years to get a lawn in our play yard. Begged. So, finally they gave us a lawn but got rid of the sandbox. Not a wise compromise. My kiddos resorted to digging in the bark chips under the play structure. When they got tired of splinters, they found a very tiny patch of sand along the edge of the lawn. 

It was a tiny patch until yesterday. 

All my boys and a few of the girls got to work with the shovels and trucks and within minutes they had dug up my lawn and tunneled out of the yard. Ok, that's an exaggeration. Actually, they had dug a huge hole near the fence because that's where the best sand is, don't cha' know... I stood there, impressed with their ingenuity and determination, and tried to help them understand that the lawn was going to die if we continued to build really cool volcanoes on top of it. I got the we-don't-really-care-what-what-you're-thinkin'-Mrs. Welchie look. They had their hands on their hips and were covered from head to toe in dirt. They were having epic fun.

So, we negotiated.

 They patched up their hole and we outlined an area where digging is going to be permitted.
I love my job!

Happy Valentine's Day!
 I'm hopping you're all catching your breath from a wild week. I'm off to have a cup of tea and take a nap!

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Hey, I do have a question. I'm horrible on the computer and have no idea how to follow someone on Google +. I don't understand which to click on-friends, family, acquaintances ... Could someone explain? All my twenty something children are too busy to ask!!


  1. Hi Sandy! So sorry about your Valentine's dilemma! I'm glad you survived that! ;) Google + took me a little time to get used to as well, but the easiest way to follow others is to click the icon on their blog, and it will redirect you to their Google+ profile page. You can choose to follow them directly there. Unless you change your privacy/share restrictions regularly, I don't think it really matters whether you choose to link them as a "friend" or "blog"… they will still show up on your Google+ feed regardless, and your information will be shared the same way unless you change the restrictions. Does that help at all??? I'm still learning more about it all myself! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh. My favorite line may be how you took candy out of the bag of the kid who was absent. That is classic. Some days drive you to that! LOVE your Valentine crafts. They are each so special- and the flower/lollipops are precious. Abe and George are awesome! When my kids BEG for me not to take something down, I take a picture of it and print it for them. (Sometimes I save the pictures and we write about things we have made.) I love the 100th day portraits. The lips make it . GET ALL BETTER! OH and Google+.. I don't really have much of an idea, except if I accidentally hit "friend" I get nervous that someone will say, "I don't even know her- she isn't a friend!" So I just hit "follow." Really- I think WAY too much. :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  3. I'm a stress eater from way back! It was a day, I tell you. Yeah. the Google thing is a mystery to me. Don't you have to do more than just click "follow?" oh my.... AND I love your idea of taking a picture of their masterpieces! Brilliant!

  4. I love those love bugs, my TK kids would love them. Where did you find the Chalk Ink, need it, lol.
    I am your newest follower.

    Kinder Princess