Monday, February 17, 2014

My Own Monday Made It

I've been sick all weekend and pretty much just sat on the couch and pinned ideas from Pinterest. I've mentioned before that my Pinterest page is a mess. I've yet to neatly place all the brilliant ideas into appropriate files. I'm sort the Pinterest page for all the primary ideas. Ha! Good try...It's a mess.

Anyway, I found so many cute ideas on the DIY and had to try some of them. Perfect for My Own Monday Made It (I discovered there wasn't a Monday Made It this week-whoops!)!

We have the most amazing volunteer who comes in to help us with our paper quilts. I felt she needed an official thank you note.

I made a Lorax headband. 

Best kept secret for a one size fits all headband is the brad and rubber band at back of hat!

Then I found these adorable bunny bags  made by Lois at Loraine's Loft and had to try making one.
So easy! Here's my Made It Monday!!!

Step 1: Round off the end of the lunch bag.

Step 2: Glue teeth to upper edge

Step 3: Cut two ears from another lunch bag.
Step 4: Cut two inner ears from patterned paper. Glue to the top of bag.

Step 5: Add whiskers. I have the kids criss cross 3 strips of paper rather than 6 individual pieces. Saves time. 
Step 6: Add nose and eyes

Step 7: Add a bow. Or bow tie!

I found this tutorial for making bows. So easy!

 I added two pieces of cardboard to make the feet stand out a little
and used chalk to make pink cheeks.

Viola! A bunny bag for treats at Easter time!

Now, I'm off to see all the other ideas!

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  1. GET BETTER!!! The headband brad/rubberband idea is genius! That bunny and quilt card... tooooo cute.

  2. Pink eye and a sore throat! Blaaahhh,

  3. Such a cute bunny - and look at the Lorax! SO adorable!
    I've been sick too... let's get better!
    : )
    WhimsyWorkshop Teaching

  4. I'm on the mend but now my car isn't well!!!