Saturday, April 19, 2014

Five for Friday

BABY bunny!
Hoppy Easter, everyone. How cute is this little fella? HA!

I'm a little late for Five for Friday.
I just couldn't muster the energy to write a post after the hoopla that happened in my classroom yesterday.  I came home and stared at the wall...

so cute.There are always some kids who have a tough time with parties and can't transition easily from one wild activity to another. It's just too much and all that nervous energy throws them off for the day.

Tears, meltdowns, and lots of stress eating.
We all have those days.
Once I got a grip, we had a great day.

I have to say that 28 peeled eggs in one room was a bit pungent. And I pretty much hate that basket grass. 

But the worst was my bunny costume. 

Twenty five years ago I had an bunny costume sewn by a friend. It's a patchwork bunny with stuffing in the tummy. It's seen better days but it's always been an indicator of weight gain or loss. 
Oh my, I've been avoiding the scale but once I tugged that silly costume on, it was obvious that I've gained some extra bunny fat. I provided my own stuffing in the tummy and other areas. Too many Cadbury eggs. I could barely walk, much less sit. Those seams were ready to rip. 
What's up with my whiskers, Doc?
I usually make this bunny nose. It's lots of work for me though, and with 28 bunnies this year I went looking for an easier option.

I loved this silly bunny disguise and made it with my little guys this week. I found it at Busy Bee Kids Craft. com.
Love it!
Funny Bunny Hat
It was so easy and made the kids giggle.
Exactly the criteria I look for with any activity!

I also usually make a more involved bonnet but with this many kids, I had to make the easy version.
Here's the labor intensive, but really fun version that we didn't make!

Here are our hats this year.

We made one for our principal. She looked lovely all day!
She's such a good sport.

I recently read an amazing post (Crazy Over Fluency) by Teacher to the Core Katie Knight. It was all about fluency and how to make it fun and effective (She also mentioned Cara Carroll's wonderful fluency packets in the post). I immediately went to their TPT stores and purchased both. I was in a fluency frenzy! Then, I found Annie Moffatt's fluency stories and bought that packet too. These women are amazing and have changed my reading lessons in a big and wonderful way!

Katie does an art lesson to go along with the reading passage for that week. I tried it last week and it was a huge hit! We read one of Annie Moffett's passages about a pig and made the one in the picuture below. Aren't these the cutest?

farm animals craft
Here's our version. We made paper legs 'cuz I saw trouble coming with those pipe cleaners, let me tell 'ya! This isn't my first rodeo. We added the ig word family list to roll up inside the piggie.

It was oviparous week, of course. We made a book from this packet that I've had forever.

The kids love it because it unfolds downward.

 This is from a shapes packet by Crystal McGinnis. We hung the shape pictures around the room and then I hid my eyes and counted to 10. The kids had to walk (HA!) to a shape by the time I finished counting. I said the name of a shape and, if they were standing under that shape sign, they had to sit down. They LOVED this game and they know their shapes now! I'm going to play this same game with sight words!!

I love heart shaped rocks.

My boys have given them to me since they were small. I love each and every one of them. It all started on a rafting trip many years ago when our boys were small (my husband runs a rafting company and we have taken many trips together. Wouldn't a blogger meet-up be fun on a river trip? Hmmmm). How lucky were my boys to have spent their summers on rivers? You should see them skip a rock!  :)

Anyway, we joined one of our commercial trips that was loaded with little kids and happened to camp that evening at a site with a rocky beach. Forever the teacher, I had all the kids looking for heart shaped rocks to keep them occupied while the guides set up camp and started dinner. We found lots and placed them on a rocky shelf that faced the river. Other rafters could see our display as they floated past. My husband told me that others contributed to the collection for the remainder of the summer. They stayed there for all to see until the water level washed them away.

I use to collect heart shaped rocks. Then I married a man who did the same thing.
I've decided to start a heart shaped garden in our kindergarden yard. It's drought proof and something that I can't kill from gardening neglect.  Each child is to bring a heart shaped rock for graduation. We'll write their name and graduation date on the back and place it in our designated spot. The deal is that you can borrow a rock if your having a tough day as long as you return it to the garden.
I found this one on my walk the other night.

Here are a few that have arrived. We can't walk past a pile of rocks without looking and it's taking us forever to get anywhere!

Happy Easter everyone! I'd love to hear from you!

Filigree eggshell. Beth Ann Magnuson of Bishop Hill, Illinois uses a SCM high-speed engraver to carve eggshells into works of art which she calls "Victorian Lace Eggs."


  1. I'd love to take a blogger rafting trip! It looks like y'all had fun for Easter - we aren't allowed to do anything fun like that (it takes away from instruction :( You may have been stressed but enjoy it - trust me - some schools won't let you do ANYTHING that's remotely "fun." Ahhh...the good ol days of teaching...

  2. Don't let my silliness fool you, Ashley! We had a great day. The most important thing I can do is to remember that it's not about me, it's about those precious babies! A blogger river trip would be sooo much fun! I'm going to your blog now to read about that beautiful wedding of yours! Happy weekend!

  3. Sandy- your posts always just make my day! YES- a blogger raft trip! PLEASE! And I KNEW we were kindred spirits- but the heart rocks sealed it. I look for and save heart rocks everywhere I go! But you ideas were just precious with them. SO sweet. AND you are darling in your bunny outfit! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  4. Love all the Easter themed projects. The Easter bonnets are great, as is your costume. I'm sure your kids got a kick out of seeing you dressed up. Hope you had a great Easter.
    School Is a Happy Place

  5. Long time reader here, first time poster. I love the easter projects, but the Easter Bunny Costume is by far my favorite. I seem to remember the kindergarten teacher at my elementary school wearing something very similar! Keep it up!

  6. I happen to know the teacher who wore the bunny costume at your school and I believe her motivation was to embarrass her children for life. I may also have a picture of said bunny holding an ADORABLE child in her arms. Could be used as blackmail material!!! :)