Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five for Friday

I'm tired and I was only at school for 2 days. I'm so happy it's the weekend.
This is quite a stretch since I was hardly in my classroom this week!

Thank you to Doodle Bugs for hosting my favorite linky. It's the only one I participate in because it takes me hours and then I spend the day fretting about what I've written. It's exhausting! :)

We made another quilt. 
It's not done yet, but the kids will be thrilled with the results. I can already tell!

Here's how we made it:
I always go online to see if there's a quilt I'd like to duplicate. This is the quilt I chose this time:

Sunkissed By Spring QuiltTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

Sunkissed By Spring QuiltTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

Sunkissed By Spring QuiltTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.
First, I make a sample square, exactly as it will look when they're done. Some of the kids need this to refer to when glueing pieces down.

Then, I photocopy how ever many I may need. This year, I need 7 of each different square.

Next, I cut and cut and cut! 
When I finished cutting all the paper for this quilt, I was sure it was going to be too difficult for kinders. I was going to hand it over to 8th grade.

I took a leap of faith and decided to let them give it a try...
I've put like pieces in bowls for them before, but this time I simply dumped the pieces all over the table.
No problem!!!
They looked at it as a puzzle and got right to work. I couldn't keep up with  them and they were up out of their seats looking for their pieces. 

Here's the somewhat finished product. I have to glue the squares to a big piece of colored butcher paper and use a cute border. That will happen on Moanday (that was a typo, but I liked it because sometimes that's how I feel about Mondays) and I'll be sure to post it!

You may look at this quilt and think it's pretty, but as I'm looking at this quilt, I marvel at the sheer number of quilt squares.
 I see so much more than 28 blocks.
I see 28 names.
28 unique and wonderful little people.
And then, as I break out in a sweat, I realize I am responsible for those 28 little, precious people. It's up to me to make sure they feel loved and valued and get everything they need to succeed in first grade. And, hopefully, do all this with a happy spirit and provide them with a warm and caring environment. And, I only have 30 some days left with them.
I'm already getting sentimental about graduation.

I love morning glories, as does my friend Carolyn Kislowski (she posted about her class and their morning glories). So, I thought I'd make a morning glory hat for the kids.

Here's a little poem to go with it!
Morning Glories are my favorite flower,
They rise and shine at an early hour.
They like to climb and cling to things,
And they're ready for whatever the daylight brings.
They're bright and happy and sometimes blue,
They grow so fast it can't be true.
Why do I like them? Can't you see?
Morning glories are just like me!

In the fall, I posted about a pumpkin hat that I'd seen on a Martha Stewart site. It is so cute and my kids love it. I remembered that they also showed how to make a morning glory and a rose crepe paper hat, so off I went to her site.
I had fun making a mini one first and then I tried the larger size. HA!
These didn't turn out as I had hoped. My friend told me about a site where they have pictures of failed projects. First they show what  it's supposed to look like and then there's a picture of the botched up version. I should submit these pictures!

We've learned about our blends and so many other reading rules. It was time to reinforce 'Ol Chunky the Monkey. Carolyn, from Holding Hands and Sticking Together wrote a wonderful post about how to help kids use the strategy of looking at chunks of sounds rather than individual sounds to read big words. We followed her lesson exactly and than I added a directed art lesson to draw a Chunky of our own. This came from an I Can Draw book. I left this for the sub so I haven't seen the kid's version but I can't wait.
When they were done, they added words in chunks to try. I hope they had fun!
Thank you, sweet Carolyn, for another fabulous idea!
If you haven't visited her site, GO!

This just warmed my heart.

This little cutie patootie went to see Frozen. She was so enchanted with it that all she wanted to do was write the lyrics to the theme song. She wouldn't play at recess and we couldn't even get her to eat snack. I read and speak kinderese fluently, so I can decipher this monumental effort. I'm so impressed. However, I can't help but wonder, where is Mr. Spceman?

I've mentioned that my husband runs an amazing nonprofit rafting company. They're all over the western United States and our family has spent lots of time on the river.

Well, guess what!
Ok. Not really, only in my home.
No where else.
He interviewed me to see what advice I'd give to parents with young children going on our rafting trips.
He left out a lot.
Like how they used to put me in the lead boat so that I couldn't see my children row through rapids or jump off "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING" rocks.
And I sure look old.
Go to the link to check it out. Be sure to read Amy's interview. She's ahead of me in visits for a good reason.
Not that I'm counting or anything!
I think a bloggy meet up on the Rogue River would be so much fun.

 I'm off to get my clay for our Mother's Day project!
It never ends, does it?

Happy weekend!
Please leave a comment.
 I love each and every one of them!
Jump for joy
Jump for joy


  1. Sandy! Where do I begin... Your chunky monkey is the cutest thing ever. I love him! <3 SO are your morning glory hats. Oh my how precious. Now I see exactly what you mean when you were telling me about cutting quilt pieces. Go ahead and polish your halo right now! Those are just gorgeous. I bet the kids loved them. I LOVED your interview and mom tips! What a fun life your family has had growing up. Sign me up for that blogger meet up on the river!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. You know I made that hat for you!!! HA! That would get some looks for sure! It's going in "The projects that didn't work" box. Steve left out a lot of my tips!

  2. Sandy, you have so much talent and artist ability inside of you. I wish I lived right next door to you. I love reading about your projects but the river rafting article was fantastic. I really want to meet you and spend time on the river. You have a beautiful family. I am blessed to call you my friend. My school loves your special gift you sent me and anyone who sees it. Hugs, Fran

    1. I have to get the blog meet up thing going, I think! Don't you think that it should be for my buddies who are field testing my surprise? And a few more, too. It's a great trip for families. I would love to meet everyone!

  3. So many wonderful ideas!!! I love your morning glory hats and the quilt is absolutely amazing!!!! I always love reading your posts - they make me smile!!!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

    1. You're always so sweet! Thank you so much for commenting, it makes my day!