Saturday, May 3, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hellooooooo! Happy Five for Friday! Thank you to sweet Doodle Bugs for hosting.

I'm really, really, really tired. Really.
Too much going on this week and next.

Life as a teacher :)

I'm tired because I've woken up every night for the past 2 weeks at 3am and can't go back to sleep. I've got Mother's Day on my mind and the fact that we haven't made the card, interviewed the kids for the little questionaire that goes inside the card, made the purse that it all goes home in, progress reports and, perhaps the scariest thing of all, the fact that it's Cowboy Week and I have to fit into my Sheriff's get up.

I may have to use duct tape to secure my chaps. If you read my easter post, you know that I've gained some I'm-stressed-out-weight (You know things are bad when the kids interrupt you while you're setting up snack and you mouth is stained orange and stuffed with their Cheese Its...).
It's been a year, I tell 'ya.
I've been doing lots of this.
Thank goodness.

So, because I have to go spray rocks gold for gold digging, print their wanted posters and burn the edges so they look old, prep paper bags for their chair horses, buy food for the BBQ, find watermelon with black seeds (impossible, really) for the spitting contest, bales of hay for the roping, contact the rodeo queen for an appearance, and confirm the visit from the horse lady, this post is going to be speedy quick.
It's Six Words for Saturday!
Oh, I forgot to mention the most important and joyous thing! My eldest is graduating from law school next weekend (and I have nothing to wear because of my new love of kindergarten snack food). I don't want to embarrass him. Too late for that, actually-think about growing up with a mom who dresses up as an easter bunny and sheriff.
My sensible shoes and floody pants just won't cut it. I'm thinking one of those long skirts with a flowy shirt...
Oh dear.

Here's the quilt all done! Whew!

May Day Basket with beautiful roses!
Easy peasy basket. Needs some butterflies...

Cowboy sunset cutting nightmare!
Lots of tears and tails cut off (I realize that's 7 words).
 Painting fun. Always start with yellow!

Cinco de Mayo guitar. Love this!

Love chips/guacamole for snack more!

Marshmallow and toothpick geometry fun. Yum.
Played shape game using 3D shapes this week.
( I know that's not a picture of a 3d shape. It's from last week's post. Go read how to play this simple but very effective game).

True love from a 5 year old.
Did I wear that crown? You bet!!!
Did I eat the donut? Of course!
Hmmmm. I noticed a strong link to food in several of my selections.
 Could be a part of my problem, huh?
I'm off to buy a moo moo!

Have a great weekend!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I just love you. That post just totally made my day. The Cheese-Its part is too true. TOO TRUE. Sometimes I pretend that I gave someone too many and need to even them out - and then I may eat them. You do the BEST things in your room. Congratulations to your son! WOO! WOO! Have a great week!

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  3. Hey Carolyn! Thanks for visiting. You should see the bag of chips that was delivered to my class last week! The kids will never know if I ate any or not! Ha! It's huge!