Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Five for Friday! Thanks again Doodle Bugs!

I've got lots to get done this weekend so this will be quick! 
Report cards, graduation invitations, portraits, and silhouettes.
And, not to be forgotten, volunteer thank you gifts.
At least the cards are done!

This happens to me every Memorial Day.
You'd think I'd learn!
Why yes, I'm a bit stressed. Why do you ask?

Graduation project. Just need tassels!

Our countdown chain. I saw this on Pinterest and it has really
helped my kids with the those pesky teens.
Great visual.

We have a ladybug whisperer in our class.
 He catches more ladybugs than any kid I've ever met.
We had to make this art project in honor of his efforts!

We had a crash course on our Five Senses this week. I used my friend 
Carolyn Kisloski's Mr. Broom and all her lessons on the Five senses with my kids.
They had a blast!!
Go check out her posts on the senses. They're wonderful!

I love my window pens!
Do you write on your windows?
I often leave something off of my weekly note and simply 
add it to the window! So easy!

We have our annual field trip to the trout farm next week.

Water, fish hooks and five year olds. 




This year I'm taking 12 more kids than last year.
Actually, it's really special and the squeals 
of delight as they catch their first fish is a happy memory.
I spend my time running from group to group taking pictures
of the big moment because...
I can't stand fishing!
I feel so sorry for those little fishies!

The kids are always exhausted at the end of the day.
Here's last year's group fast asleep on the way home!

This made me smile!
Kindergarten Graduation - DYNAMITE SONG

Sweet graduation thought:

Happy weekend to you!


  1. As always, your blog brings a smile to my face - and a lot more ideas to my pinterest boards!!!

  2. Melissa, you are the sweetest! Thank you!!

  3. I LOVE those chains! What a great idea! AND the window markers. I have to get some of those! The picture of the sleeping kids is too precious. I love seeing Mr. Broom in your room! So fun! I forgot to even ask about your food poisoning last week- YUCK. That is HORRIBLE. I hope you are back to 100%! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  4. Such cute ladybug pictures! My kids would love that - and with still a month to teach we have time to try it!
    We did use your apron for building blends words! They've completely taken over - I hardly ever get to wear it unless I wrestle it back for a while! Such a lovely gift that I will be using for years!
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching