Monday, July 21, 2014

Late Again!

Late again! I'm so happy to be linking up with Doodle Bugs for another Five for Friday!


My life has been turned topsy turvy since the whole apron thing happened. I'm running from 6am to sometimes 10 O'clock at night trying to get new aprons up and running. It's so much more complicated than it should be.
I have a blister on my hand from cutting fabric, lots more milage on my Prius, and some extra poundage from stress eating. I'm on a first name basis with the postal lady, fabric lady, notions lady, and I have my production people (family and friends) on speed dial.
Here's a quick four and then a more lengthy 5 for Friday!
I'll start posting about school things soon.
I'm on apron overload.

This is my California lawn. I just want to cry. I love to garden but the drought has hit our neck of the woods BIG TIME.
So sad...

Apron, aprons, aprons.
The rest of my post is apron related.
You may want to stop here. It's pretty much all that is my life, right now!
I totally understand if you skip out!
It's all I've got!

Ready to ship!

The dining room table is back to being the apron office.
Who has time to entertain anyway, right?
If anyone comes to visit at my house, you have wrap aprons while we visit!

The fabric left overs!!!

We'll be recycling this mess.
I'm taking the roll to school. I think I know a few 5 year olds who would enjoy sending some cars or marbles down that thing.

I had a request to show how I use my apron, so here goes...
Brace yourself. I've been using the apron for 2 years!
Here are a few ways that I use the apron:

First off, you all need to know that my apron came about because I'm a mess. Not only do I need the apron to save my wardrobe, but I leave things everywhere! Unfortunately, I'm sort of known for it. The plastic pockets help me stay more organized and it keeps my hands free-important when you teach five year olds.

It started with sight words. We all have our weekly "password" on our doors. As the kids come through the door, they read the word. Well, my friends would often touch it with their hands and erase the word. So, I started off with spelling one sight word in my pocket. It was perfect for Heidi's sight word songs too, which we love.

Then I decided to put more than one sight word in the pockets. There were those who could read all the words, and others maybe one or two. I could point to the word/s I wanted them to read. It worked as a great quick assessment. My hands were free to take notes or deal with rascally behavior! The other unexpected plus was that the word/s were right at their eye level. Whatever concept I was reinforcing was there all day and they couldn't get away from it!

Next, I tried CVC words. I layered the initial sound with a variety of consonants, all the vowels and different final consonants. As I change the cards, the kids read the words. They have to decide if it's a silly or real word. If it's a real word, they can use it in a sentence Then we tried word families, blends and bossy e. This picture is  a little much. I don't layer this many letters at the beginning stages; I just wanted to show you some examples.

Watch out for inappropriate words!
I jumble sentences, and then have the kids help me unscramble the words. We use our expo pen to write directly onto the plastic to make lower case letters into capitals and add punctuation.

I've placed a period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma and quotation marks in the pockets and then ask them to tell me what each one is called.

We alphabetize the picture noun cards.

They can place picture cards for stories into beginning, middle and end. Author, illustrator, problem and solution.

In math, I've put two and three dimensional shape pictures in the pockets. They've also helped to put numbers in order, identify the teens and then tell me how many tens and units in the chosen number. Patterns, greater than, less than, addition and subtraction, clocks and on and on!!!

And then some days, I just put in a message!
I wrote about this message in an earlier post. We were learning a song for graduation and they needed to know how to spell I love you, so I had it in my pocket for the week.
I got hugs and "Right back at 'ya," all week.

I keep my cards in one of those layered lunch boxes. A recipe file works well, too.

We've included lots of blank cards for you to write on. Write on them with a never come off pen (kinderese for permanent pen), but be sure to erase with a white sponge a day or two later. Otherwise, it won't come off.

If you go to my TPT to get cards, be sure to cut them so that they fit the pocket (I cut on the gray line) but be sure to leave the top taller so that it's easier to pull out of the pocket (it 

Really, the ideas for cards are endless!
Are you still with me?
Thanks for putting up with all that!
Have a great weekend!
I'm off to the post office to visit my new buddies and mail aprons!

Nature's Perfect Heart


  1. I bought an apron from you in Vegas and blogged about it! Can't wait to get it...especially now that I see all these other uses for it! You are one talented lady!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. I just hope you and everyone else who bought an apron have fun with it! Thank you!

  2. If you look at my Five for Friday post you'll see I was in desperate need of one of your aprons on Friday - I thought of you when I realised what had happened and wondered how your Vegas trip went! Sounds like you're doing well!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Haha! I saw your skirt! That's exactly why I wear an apron every day. I even wear mine in the car for my morning commute with my cup of coffee. :)

  3. Sandy, what a fabulous post! I love how you included all of your ideas for using the apron. They look AWESOME all packed up and ready to go! :) You have been one busy girl!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. I really wish that you and Susanna lived near by! We could sit and chat/laugh while we packed aprons!

  4. Sandy....such an excellent post! You truly are the apron lady. Can't wait to use mine. I love how you explained how you use yours. I love those math cards! I bet there are some lucky 5 year olds next September!

    Terri Izatt

    1. Thanks so much, Terri! I can't wait to see all the fun ideas.

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! These are awesome and this post is so super helpful! AND you got a shout out on Mrs. Jump's Classroom! Way to go!! I've been seriously praying that this is super successful for you! I am so excited for you!!!
    FCS and Then Some

  6. Oh, Sarah! Thank you and keep sending those prayers. I'm so tired. Tomorrow is all about delivering fabric and buttons. Who'd have thought! You're the sweetest!

  7. Hey Sandy! I really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you in Vegas!! I love the apron and can't wait to use it when school begins. I am hoping to have a post about your apron up on Wednesday. So happy for you and the success you are having with the aprons!
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. Lori, thank you so much. People have been so kind, you have no idea. Your comment came at the perfect time. I was sitting in piles of scrap fabric last night, ordering buttons with big pouty girl tears. It was actually very comical. I'm so tired. Who'd have thought the girl who got a D in 8th grade sewing would be wholesale fabric shopping? HA! I'm off to deliver fabric and mail aprons! :)

    1. Sandy, I couldn't find your email address so I could tell you that I posted about your cute aprons. The post is up if you want to see it. :)
      Conversations in Literacy

  9. I am in love with your apron. I was wondering if you make it in other colors--like black?

  10. Yep, we are going to have more colors before school, if all goes as planned. Tonight we'll post a few of the aprons that we have left after the conference. One of them is black with a black and white floral pocket. Check out my store tonight to have a look! Thanks so very much! In the meantime, go get the free cvc pack at my store. Even if you never buy an apron, you can use the cards on your standing pocket chart! :) Warm up that laminator!

    1. I'll be in the lookout to snatch it up. Can we custom order as well?

  11. I love your aprons and I was wondering about the color choices as well. I would love to use it with my kinders. They would benefit from it a great deal. So cute!

  12. Thank you, Amy! Yes, there will be more colors posted before school starts. I'm expecting to have more by mid August, if all goes well. I'm working hard! Watch the TPT store!

  13. Hi there,
    I am in love with the aprons and was wondering which site they are sold on? Thank you so much and I'm already thinking of so many ways we can use it!!!

  14. Hi Amy! Watch my TPT store! Kinder-gardening! I'm glad you think you could use the apron!

  15. Hi I love this idea. I was also wondering about color choices, price, and where to get them:). Great idea

  16. Hi! Check my TPT store for the aprons and cards. Kinder-gardening. More colors to come!

  17. Where do you get these aprons?

    1. Hi Erika! The aprons are for sale at my TPT store, Kinder-gardening. Thank you for asking! More pictures will posted on my blog today!

  18. Ms. Sandy
    I’m a PreK teacher from a Texas and would LOVE to purchase a teaching apron! Can you send information to my email address: