Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Bags Are Packed!

I'm Las Vegas bound!
I can't stop humming "My bags (aprons) are packed, I'm ready to go..."
(See last post)
We have a small booth for my aprons at the I Teach K! Conference!!
Here we go! I'll be watching the wonderful presentations all week, but will visit the booth in between. I hope you'll come by to visit!
Meanwhile, at home...
We have the most wonderful Cigar Store Indian in our dining room. It's been in my husband's family for generations and when my children were young, it frightened them. But they grew to appreciate him over the years and he's often decorated to match the season. Because it's been "apron season" in our home for awhile, he's got on an apron.
The other thing that needs to be noted is that we can see the dining room table for the first time in a looooong time. It served as the apron office. It's nice to see it again!

It says, "Vegas bound."
One more good piece of news...I have a new washing machine!
If you read my last post you know this was a huge issue!

 It's a real blessing because I was avoiding another trip to the laundromat and was close to having to pack some real gems from the 80's!!!
This would have been a hit in Vegas!
Actually, I think it would be really funny to invite the "more mature" crowd to wear one of their outfits from the "old days" to the conference!
Most people have thrown these relics away...
This is my Zoophonics dress.

Wish me luck!
I'd love to hear from you!

Wishes:) OMG I love this little thing


  1. Best of luck with your aprons at the conference - keep us updated on how you're doing!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. I'm sure I'll have lots to say! Thank you for good wishes.

  2. Can't wait to see you again in Vegas!!! :). Elizabeth and I will look for you!

  3. Oh, Holly you just made my day! I'll be in need of encouragement, for sure. Excited to see you both. Thank you so much for always being thoughtful.

  4. Woo! Woo! All the best! Tell me everything!!! Xox

  5. Sandy I'm so jealous! Have a fabulous time in Vegas!!