Saturday, August 23, 2014

Five for Five

Happy Five for Friday everyone! I'm back at work and loving it. I have 31 bouncy new friends.  All that enthusiasm and energy rolled up into a little five year old body is just too much fun. I swear they bounce just like Tigger!

I don't like to put up much on the bulletin boards except boarders so that we can display the kid's work.
We finished our sunflowers and I'll put their pictures in the middle.
Look at all those little flowers to nurture!

We'll put our self portraits and torn paper name tags on this bulletin board.

Here's our first day of school picture board. I had to make it say Welcome Kinders because my space is limited.  I made an S on my own but I think it turned out ok. This set of chalkboard letters is from Simply Kinders. They're adorable and just what I needed! Thanks sweet Jennifer!

Every year I have problems with lost crayons, glue sticks, and pencils. Some kids are great about taking care of their things but most 5 year olds need help. They don't seem to think that all these things cost money and Mrs. Welch would rather buy new shoes or a car with the money she could save on trips to WalMart. So, I thought that this year it would be fun to put all of their supply boxes into a big box ( I have 31 kids) and wrap it with a bow. Make a big fuss about how lucky we are to get supplies and aren't they wonderful?
I planted the box up in the office and asked the secretary to call and tell us that a package was waiting.

We got the call and walked in our first-day-of-school-kindergarten-line (a clump of people walking pretty much anywhere they want) and brought a beautifully wrapped giant gift back to our class. They were sooooo excited and I could already see that I had made a terrible mistake. They were beside themselves with delight, guessing about the magnificent toys that could be inside.
Oh dear.
They were up on their knees while I unwrapped the gift. I kept trying to encourage them to think that it must have something to do with school...
Biggest disappointment EVER!
You should have heard the groans. Kids flopped onto their backs, shoulders and smiles drooped.  I acted thrilled with the contents but to no avail.
Total fail.
We went outside to learn about recess.

I have a Think It Over Chair in my room.
No, it's not a time out chair.
It's an I Need Some Space Chair.
 I've found that often when my little guys are having melt downs or misbehaving there's usually a very good reason. Maybe they're tired or didn't get breakfast. Maybe they were up all night listening to an argument  or mommy had to wake them up early and they're feeling gumpy. They come with all sorts of issues going on in their little lives and I truly don't know how some of them cope.
Anyway, I teach them that instead of yelling or hitting when they're angry to remove themselves from the situation until they can deal with others calmly. This chair is for quieting their minds so that they can cope appropriately. We learn to never touch people or use hurtful words when we're angry.
The kids were so surprised to hear that it's not a time out chair. What a concept!
 I told them sometimes I need a Think It Over Chair (the problem came when I put myself in the chair and it stuck to my ample bumper when I stood up. The laughter was deafening).
This year I switched to a soft chair and it's gotten a little too much attention.
Suddenly everyone has gotten up too early and all 31 one of my friends are feeling a little grumpy. I need 31 soft chairs. One little girl came up to me at recess and said she was feeling "grumpity" because she didn't like the shoes mommy chose for her that morning and she needed to cool down. Off she ran to sit in the chair for a minute or two.

Three Bear Rap
for the apron!
I do a unit on bears at the beginning of the year and always teach this song. This year I wanted try it in the apron and had to make handmade cards. My computer tech is too busy rafting to help (my husband runs a rafting company). Drat.
Here are the cards all ready to be layered. You can't really see that I left extra lamination at the top so that I can move the cards quickly and they won't get caught on the binding hem.

Well folks, it was a hit!
You know you've got something good when the kids beg you to do it again and again.
You need to practice a little before hand because you have to move two cards at a time. Well, I do it that way, you don't have to!

When you say the papa bear part with the porridge you have to move both the pappa bear card and the papa bear porridge card to the back. It's a little tricky.
We made a video but I don't know how to load it! If anyone can help me until my computer tech is available, I'd appreciate it!

By the way, I encourage you to make cards to go with the apron (just be kind enough to link it back to my apron, please). I'm not great at making cards and I'd love to see what everyone else will come up with! The ideas are endless for common core. Susanna from Whimsy Workshop has really cute Three Bear graphics.
Deedee Wills has adorable writing station cards that will fit in the pockets if you trim them in width and her All Sorts of Sorts cards work well too! Just remember to keep the cards tall so they don't catch on the binding hem.

I bet Kim Adsit and Deanna Jump have cards that would work as well. It just takes a little searching! Check out your favorite TPT stores and I bet you'll find cards that can be trimmed to fit in the apron pockets.
Happy weekend!
I've got tons to do and I'm little grumpity myself! Where's that Think It Over Chair? I haven't slept well with all the back to school hoopla! This quote made me laugh.

Should have done, would have done, could have done.


  1. Sandy, your posts make my day. I would totally do that BIG PRESENT FAIL! I thought it sounded like a great idea. I also love your Think it Over Chair- and the new word to go with it (grumpity... :)
    Thanks for the fun post!

  2. I'll say it again...thank goodness for you!

  3. THIRTY. ONE!!! Bless you, Sandy!! I too would do the gift box fail! I totally want to be in the physical presence of you two. I know we could have some serious laughing! So, since I'm mid way, you are both welcome to come to Texas, although mid 70's August in New York sounds pretty fantastic and I'm sure I could convince my husband to try rafting...although I'm not sure I could convince him we needed to go for a blogger meet up!!! Y'all have a great Tuesday!!

    1. I forgot to say, if you have your video on your computer that you blog from, you should be able to upload it just like a photo. In the area where you write your post, right next to the icon you push to add a photo is a little icon that looks like a movie clip board. Just click that and then upload your video just like you would a photo. Does that help?

  4. Yes, but now I'm chicken to post it. I totally flubbed up and I look ridiculous. What's with my hair. And WHO'S voice was I using? I swear that's not how I sound. I think that video needs to stay in the apron archives. Like FOREVER! Definitely black mail material.

  5. LOL!!!! We'll I'm sure your kiddies loved it! I posted a video on my Facebook page today...and I had to just walk away after I posted it...I mean I couldn't believe I did it! All I could see was my eyebrows and my weird unsymmetrical lip thing, and my buldgy eyeballs. All those little insecurities from Jr. High came flooding back!