Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Very Late Five for Friday!

Happy Saturday, almost Sunday! I don't know how everyone else manages to get a Five for Friday done on time.  I'm lucky to post by Saturday night!

 Mouse Paint project flop. These look nothing like the sample. Actually, I think they turned out fairly well, but I'm completely out of googly eyes ( I have 31 kids). It was a last minute decision in an effort to make things easier for the mommy helper. The kids had a blast and learned a lot about mixing colors, so I guess it wasn't a flop at all!

Moving on to our scientist art project. It's been lingering for over two weeks. I'm happy to say we're done but not after lots of tears. I hate crying, but we usually do this project at the end of the year when we learn about bugs.  And we're a little older. Their scissor and following  direction skills are sooooooo much better in June!!! One of these resembles the Hunchback of Notre Dame...just sayin'.

This week we sang the bingo tune to I know a round and juicy fruit and apple is it's name-o. I used my apron and turned over one card for each verse. We then clapped once for each letter that was turned over. It worked beautifully and they could spell apple by the end of the week. Be forewarned though... You can only imagine the fits of laughter because of the letters p, p as we spelled. Happens every year and I'm afraid there's no stopping it. Potty talk. Oh brother!

New apple apron!
Show and Tell Aprons has a facebook page!! 
I'd love to invite everyone who's purchased an apron to post a picture!

Close up of fabric
Extra fabric in my living room. UGHHHH.

I've been having so much fun hearing about different ways that people are using the apron. Tiffani from Time 4 Kindergarten made some really cute cards for the apron that are for sale on TPT. 
Show and Tell Apron Cards

Thank you, Tiffani!
show and tell apron, subitize
 I can't wait to see what else people come up with!!!
 I saw some adorable Brown Bear, Brown Bear cards that made me smile.
It makes me so happy to think people actually like my apron and can use it to help teach children!

Well, that's all for now!

It's raining here!!!!!
Hummingbird, enjoying the sweet rain!
We're in a very dry area of California and I can't tell you how great it was to go for a walk in the rain. I love the way it smells and the sound it makes as it hits our old tin roof.

Happy weekend, everyone!

This made me chuckle. 
I Have So Much To Do Quote


  1. Thanks Sandy- for the shout out! My apron is ready to go for tomorrow morning

    1. You bet! Mine is ready to go too! I'm using your cards!!

  2. Hi sandy, I love my apron!!! Will send you pic tomorrow!! I have a question for you and suggestion. Would you email me at I left message on your Facebook page but I wasn't sure you got it.