Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday

I'm attempting to write a Five for Friday on time. Don't faint. And don't hold your breath. We went on our annual apple farm field trip and I'm tuckered out! We had a great day but I may fall asleep mid-sentence.
Thank you to Kacey for hosting!

We laugh a lot about my blog in my home.
You see, I thought I'd come up with a clever name, Kinder-gardening. I even hand drew the picture that you see at the top and tried to make my side bar have all the things you other clever blog people have on your sidebars. The result was far from professional. All my people (kids and husband) are off doing amazing things and don't really have time to show me how to design a blog.
I'm on my own.
That's not good, folks.
I was so excited when people actually started to follow me.
That is until I found out that they were mostly organic farmers who thought my blog was pronounced kinder (as in nice) gardening.
It's a standing joke, so when I saw that I had reached 100 followers I wasn't sure if it was truly fair to celebrate. It's sort of false advertising. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every single person and farmer who has signed on to read my account of teaching kinders.
So, to thank those of you who are teachers, I'm making my Base Ten Flashcards free this weekend at my TPT store.
It took two years to reach 100 followers!
I haven't exactly set the world on fire with my blog...
Anywho, if you're kind enough to be reading this, thank you from the bottom of my kinder gardening heart!

Fall is here and to celebrate we made our tissue-on-wax-paper-and-starch-everywhere art project!
I'm amazed that my mommy helpers come back.
They always look a little frazzeled at the end of stations and I've heard that they don't return to volunteer for first grade. Whoops!
There were stained fingers and table tops to explain but the finished results were beautiful!

We worked on the word family an this week so I whipped up some cards for my apron. I made the an card with a little family holding the letters and explained that they liked to stay together. Then we put the initial sounds in front of the card to make new words.
It worked beautifully and I was able to quiz them as they came in the door, going out the door, at the bottom of the slide, near the swings, you get the idea....

To those of you who own an apron; I'm making my cards a teeny bit higher than the pocket so that they don't get caught on the plastic pocket hem.

I'm making a fall apron for fun.

I'm also whipping up a few one of a kind aprons for give aways. Picking fabric is really tough for me. Any suggestions?

For some reason, this week my kids said really funny things to me. Here are two that made me laugh:

I'd left papers on a counter near by and had to go and get them for my reading group. As I was returning this was the conversation that was going on at the table:

Kid 1: "Mrs. Welchie is getting old. She sure loses lots of stuff."
Kid 2: "She's NOT OLD!"
Kid 3: "Oh, yes she is. You wanna know how I know? Look at her neck."
Me: "Hey, I'm right here!"
Kid 3: "At least she can still hear."

We're learning about shapes and noticing them EVERYWHERE! Yesterday one of my kids burst through the door and said, "Mrs. Welch, I ate rectangles for breakfast (Captain Crunch?)!"

I love my job!

Have a great weekend!
It's raining here, which only makes sense because we went on a field trip.
 I call it the Welch Field Trip Curse.
Never fails.

LOVE the composition and LOVE that the girls reflection is included in this shot - makes me want to go jump in a puddle :)  Photo by Danielle Donders (Mothership Photography) - Second place for the "yellow theme" Iheartfaces photography competition.


  1. Great post! Love the beautiful leaf art, the funny things your students said, and I had to chuckle at the mix up with your blog title. I say celebrate! You have 100 followers that have stuck around even if something else brought them to you in the first place. Congratulations!!!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! And yes, I am grateful for people sticking around! Happy weekend!

  2. I love the leaf art! I definitely want to try that, it is beautiful! I also have heard so much about these aprons, and am feeling very behind the times because I don't have one. I think I better try it!

    1. The leaf project is an oldie but a goodie. Just monitor the starch on tissue. Make sure the dab, not brush or you'll have a disaster on your hands! Watch out for tissue paper that bleeds, too! Yikes!! Thanks for the comment about the apron. I love mine, but I'm a horrible salesperson! We have lots of black with black and white floral coming and those seem to be the most popular!

  3. Hahaha I teach Kinder as well, and they just come up with the funniest things! How blessed are we to actually LOVE our job and enjoy making a difference everyday! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing! :)
    Miss Jacobs' Little Learners

  4. Those leaves look great! I may have to do something like that myself as they as they are so nice!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. They're really fun but be sure to read the comment from up above. Try it with pumpkins, apples, turkeys, and Christmas trees. Thank you so much for visiting. It means so much.

  5. I've loved your blog since I found it probably a year ago. Although I teach third graders, I love the heart and fun you put into your littles! I enjoy your humor, and love the cute photos of animals and kids that you like to add. (The neck story today actually made me LOL, and I needed that.) If I had a kinder, I would definitely want him/her in your room! (Could I give you my 21 year old?)

  6. Ha! I have a 24 and 26 year old and they will tell you that there's nothing more embarrassing than having a kindergarden teacher for a mom. I used to show up at their college dorm and say things like, "What's up buttercup?" Thank you for your sweet remarks!

  7. I like the green dots with pink! I'm not a fashion expert either, though! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Sarah! I wish you could go fabric shopping with me! I need some help for sure. I just stand there sighing. I even stop complete strangers who look like they have some fashion sense to ask for help. Thanks for stopping by! I always love your comments!

  9. Sandy, LOVE this post! I use your Base 10 Flash Cards all the time and love them. I'm putting it on my FB page that they are free this weekend with a link back to your blog1 I'm with Karen (up above) I would DEFINITELY want my kids to be in your room! <3 Happy Weekend!

  10. Thank you, sweet Carolyn! I like the Base Ten flashcards except for the 20! ha! We tried to make it look like the ten bar was bending. The teens worked well, though!

  11. You are a joy!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously just a joy!!!!!!!!!