Sunday, September 14, 2014

Seven for Sunday!

This may be the latest submission ever for a Five for Friday! None the less, here it is! Thanks Kacey for hosting! Let's call it Seven for Sunday! I'll try to keep it short...

So, by far the biggest news I have is that Deedee Wills added a picture of my apron to her post today!!!
AND she emailed me.
I'm saving it forever. AND EVER!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten: Peek at my Week (week 5)
She is at the top of my need-to-thank list. 
When she, Deanna Jump and Kim Adsit were kind enough to wear my apron at the I Teach K conference, our aprons sold out in under three hours!!!
They have been so very kind to  me and I dearly appreciate it.
They made all the difference in the world.
I'm pretty sure they have no idea how big of a deal that was to me.
Forever grateful.


It's official...I need to get a life.
 I spent time making these bags for door prize give aways on Saturday while you were out at farmer's markets, hiking or at the movies. They match the aprons and I'm pretty sure no one else would care! I'm really bothered that I can't find the other little pencil that I made to go in the pocket. How pitiful is that? HA!

Then I spent the rest of the day fretting over fabric selections. Folks, I'm the least fashionable person you will EVER meet. Picking out fabric is a nightmare for me. Look at all those choices.

We've spent the last two weeks learning our color words!
These color wheels from  Mama Jean  are amazing and the kids think they're magic! I highly recommend them! Just be sure to dilute your blue or it comes out looking like black.
I saw this adorable art project on Pinterest and wanted to try it. It's from Artsonia.
Mouse Paint Lesson.  great for K.  Have them paint paper with mixed colors then cut out and add "mouse" stuff
So, next, we read Mouse Paint. I made a quick little worksheet with six mouse shapes similar to those in the book and then I put some primary tempra paint in catsup/mustard bottles. I put a dot of each of the primary colors on the mouse shapes and let the kids paint. Next, I put a little red and a little yellow blob in the second shape and let them mix the paint. Magic! Even when they washed their brush the water turned to orange! We worked our way around the shapes and had a blast!
These are currently being smooshed down with loads of books to flatten them. We'll cut them out to do the rest of our project. I'll be sure to post the results next week!

It's that time of year again! 
I have to go into hiding when the janitor comes around! I've put the ten frame on the carpet again but with packing tape this year. It may do some serious damage to the carpet.

Here's a shout out to one of my loves...Zoophonics!
My kids have mastered all 26 sounds within 3 weeks. It's an amazing program that I have used for over 20 years and highly recommend it. This is a picture of an activity we did last week where they worked on beginning sounds.
Each child is given an envelope with three pictures and a zoophonics magnet tray. They go off to sit by themselves and figure out the beginning sounds to each picture. They place the magnet on top of the picture and bring it back to me to check. If they've done it correctly, they get a star on their card. There are 25 envelopes and once they complete them, they get a small prize and we do a happy dance for each child. Then they move on to vowels and final sounds. I made these envelopes years ago. Look how tattered this one is!

Here's number 6!

Am I the last person to discover this book? I think so because it's a best seller. My kids adore it and can't get enough of it.
How clever!!!!!

And here's number 7!
We FINALLY finished this simple project that I'm pretty sure we all do. I thought it would be so much fun to add real sand for the beach. Big mistake. I put the pictures up on the bulletin board and now the sand is coming off and is all over my counter. Every day. In my coffee.

Have a great Sunday! I'm going to be smiling for days because of Deedee and all the kind people who have supported my apron!
Hugs to you all!

By the way, Show and Tell Aprons has a facebook page. I don't know how to do anything on it yet, but it's out there somewhere! HA!


  1. Oh Sandy, I love this post! Deedee's picture is FABULOUS! And so are your precious bags. You are so clever... LOVE the mouse paint idea- and the fact that your kids know their sounds. That is truly amazing. We. are. still. trying. .... It's going to be taking some time. Yikes! :) Have a wonderful weekend!