Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Aprons Coming!!!

This will be a quick post!!

I just returned last night from a teacher conference in Southern California and have oodles to do for the week. It's Halloween on Friday and, after I have written lesson plans and the weekly parent note, made BOO bags, prepped materials for the week and gone grocery shopping, I need to figure out what I'm going to dress up as on Friday. Dang.  I'm usually the Tooth Fairy but I've put on some stress weight and can't fit into my formal...

I'm also making this my Five for Friday! It's all I've got!

Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting!

On to the aprons.

We had a little glitch. 

Ok, so it was a BIG glitch. 

We were supposed to have lots of new aprons last Monday, but the glitch happened.
All will be well!

The really good news is we will have plenty available in two short weeks, ready for Christmas presents and the holidays and you can check them out below right now!!

And you can preorder them by tomorrow!!!!!

So, I'm posting them for your viewing so that you can be ready to pre-order by Monday when my computer tech (my husband) arrives home.

I work in the shipping department.

Oh dear.

By the way, I do have a few aprons about to be reposted in my TPT store. I took them down so I could take them to the conference. They're back up in the store now.

Anyway, if you'd like one of these NEW aprons they will be up on my TPT store TOMORROW!!!!! You may  preorder them and they will be available to mail November 12th.

Woot woot!

Did I already say they'll be ready to preorder TOMORROW?

Here are the new choices:

Black with blue polka and yellow pocket
Black dotted with rose button
This is a close up of the dotted apron. 
It's my favorite!

Black floral
Blue with red floral

Turquoise with black flora
Red polka with red gingham

There you have it.
More saga to add to the other saga of my apron life.
If you only knew...

We all have those days.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Six Words for Friday!

Happy Saturday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Six Words for Saturday. Some day I'll make it on time to Five for Friday... this post was much funnier before it got lost in computerland. I lost my sense of humor when I had to rewrite! Grrrrrrrr.
Have you ever read about this? It's sort of fun and I thought I'd use it to shorten up my otherwise wordy ways.

Though not for a memoir...
Giving six word thing a try!

Fall leaves in our kindergarten window.

Fire Safety Dalmation dogs. So easy!

 Pinterest example we tried to copy:

Patterning lesson with silly witches britches from Artsy!

Yikes, that's lots of  little apples!
Someone paid close attention to lesson!

Our pumpkin patch silliness mess everywhere!

My Pinterest board is a giant mess.
I'm done with the six word thing.
The Teeny Tiny Teacher just did a fun post with a quiz that determines your personality type by shape. I found out I'm a squiggle and I'm not sure I feel proud about it. In a nutshell, it means I'm unorgainized. Anyway, if you visit my Pinterest page you'll see it's hopeless.
 Nothing is categorized.
I like to consider it a Pinterest page for Kindergarten teachers. You know, like the original page with a gazillion ideas. Well, it's gotten so out of hand there's no way I can organize it now.

Anyway, this week is all about pumpkins and look at all the fun I found! If you're brave enough, go and look at my Pinterest Kindergarten Ideas page for more ideas!

Aren't these hanging pumpkins whimsical?
Mrs. Lowes' Kindergarten Korner: Pumpkin Investigation

How to draw a pumpkin
How to Draw a Pumpkin Tutorial | Do weekly "how-to" as brain break (rather than as art project) would love it!


patterned pumpkin
In the style of Romero Britto.
In the style of Romero 
that artist woman: Halloween Mosaics and "Mastering Mosaics" Giveaway
Hanging pumpkins
paper pumpkin craft. I do these as thankful pumpkins at thanksgiving too!!!! They write on each slip what they are thankful for that year and give to their parents as gifts! =)

I don't know how much of a treat this is, but here is a picture of my pumpkin faces that we use for 5 Little Pumpkins. Easy to make with just orange tag, tissue, curly ribbon. Makes for a darling picture!

Here's the pumpkin hat we make.
The boys arent exactly thrilled to wear it though.

Here's a cute Halloween costume.It's Fern from Charlotte's Web!  I think I'm too old to pull it off.
I usually dress up as the Tooth Fairy, but I can't fit into my formal gown this year.

Storybook Dress up day costume - Fern! (Charlotte's Web)  Bonus!-An excuse to wear jeans at school, lol!
 I have all the clothes in my closet. It's pretty much my weekend look.
Maybe one of you youngin's could use it!

I'll end with a little Halloween poem!

What will I be for Halloween?

A pumpkin, a princess, a cowboy, a queen?
What will I be for Halloween?

A witch, a wizard, a Ninja, a tree?
I just don’t know what I should be.

A lion that roars or a bird that tweets,
I want to be something that gets lots of treats.

A pirate, a prince, a monster, a mouse,
Or maybe a ghost from an old haunted house.

Should I be creepy or should I be scary?
Should I be a spider, or an alien, or a beautiful fairy?

I could be a doctor or a dragon, or a race-car driver.
I could be a fireman or a snowman or a deep-sea diver.

I could be Elvis or Elmo or Bambi or Belle
I could be Nemo or Nala or I could be Ariel.

It is so hard to decide what I want to be,
I’m glad that the rest of the year I get to be me.

( I always offer an alternate ending. Not sure any my kids would ever want to dress like me, and I don't think I'm prettier than a princess, but it rhymed!)

There are so many costumes in which I could be dressed
But it must be special, it must be the best.

I know it, I’ve got it, I figured it out.
This is the best Halloween costume without a doubt.

Prettier than a princess and more creative than a creature,
I’m going to be my Kindergarten teacher!

Happy what's left of the weekend!

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