Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Aprons Coming!!!

This will be a quick post!!

I just returned last night from a teacher conference in Southern California and have oodles to do for the week. It's Halloween on Friday and, after I have written lesson plans and the weekly parent note, made BOO bags, prepped materials for the week and gone grocery shopping, I need to figure out what I'm going to dress up as on Friday. Dang.  I'm usually the Tooth Fairy but I've put on some stress weight and can't fit into my formal...

I'm also making this my Five for Friday! It's all I've got!

Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting!

On to the aprons.

We had a little glitch. 

Ok, so it was a BIG glitch. 

We were supposed to have lots of new aprons last Monday, but the glitch happened.
All will be well!

The really good news is we will have plenty available in two short weeks, ready for Christmas presents and the holidays and you can check them out below right now!!

And you can preorder them by tomorrow!!!!!

So, I'm posting them for your viewing so that you can be ready to pre-order by Monday when my computer tech (my husband) arrives home.

I work in the shipping department.

Oh dear.

By the way, I do have a few aprons about to be reposted in my TPT store. I took them down so I could take them to the conference. They're back up in the store now.

Anyway, if you'd like one of these NEW aprons they will be up on my TPT store TOMORROW!!!!! You may  preorder them and they will be available to mail November 12th.

Woot woot!

Did I already say they'll be ready to preorder TOMORROW?

Here are the new choices:

Black with blue polka and yellow pocket
Black dotted with rose button
This is a close up of the dotted apron. 
It's my favorite!

Black floral
Blue with red floral

Turquoise with black flora
Red polka with red gingham

There you have it.
More saga to add to the other saga of my apron life.
If you only knew...

We all have those days.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I have been thinking of you so much!!! :) How do we pre-order? At your store? I want a black floral for my friend's birthday! I can also wait until the 12th to order. :) LOVE the colors you picked! I am so with that little girl and the Oreos right now...
    :) Carolyn

  2. Hey Carolyn!!!!! I wish you and Susanna would have been behind the booth at the conference with me!! I love my husband, but you can only imagine how thrilled he was to sit at a kindergarten teacher conference. HA! He did get to meet two of my favorite presenters (Kim Adsit and Deanna Jump-so nice) though and was quite impressed!
    Yes, you can preorder at my TPT store beginning tomorrow. They'd be up for ordering today but I don't know how to do that and have to wait for my computer tech (my husband) to get home tonight.
    Just remember, they won't be available until November 12th (call me for the whole silly story). I'm off to the store to buy a new kind of cookie for stress eating...

  3. Hey Sandy! What a clever and individual idea! I'm getting one of these for my mom for Christmas! She teaches Kindergarten and this would be fantastic!

  4. Thank you! I wear mine every day and it works!

  5. My kindergartener will love this while learning sight words and beginning sentences. Thank you!