Saturday, November 8, 2014

Five for Friday

Hello there!
Happy Friday!
I have a whole lot of silly, nothing very helpful I'm afraid.
Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting!

It's November and time for all things Thanksgiving and report cards. I spend so much time assessing and in kindergarten much of it is done individually. I know you all go through this, too.
But the good news is that I have more free/unstructured play time!
While I pull kids over for assessment, the others build and create wonderful things. They work together, talk, pretend, laugh and even work through problems. I allow them to go inside or outside to play and send my aide on the playground to supervise.
 The tea parties and dress ups are magical.
The sand castles are epic!
Here's some of the fun!
This was harder to build than it looks. We all sat at the bottom( and off to the side) and watched as this mini engineer sent a missile (car) down his creation. The kids actually clapped!!!
This train track went around my classroom, under tables and through other projects.
That's what I call collaborative learning!
Horse castle!

Don't get me started1

These next two made me laugh. You just never know what's going to work.

If you know anything about me, I wear my apron at the door and as the kids come in we do a variety of different reviews or songs with the pocket cards. Well, now the special person wears the kid's apron and makes words for his/her classmates. They love wearing it out to recess and harass their classmates to read words!
And next...
This a bad picture of my not so lovely door. It's been painted with chalkboard paint and it's used by my parents to write notes regarding pick up and bus routines. We often let the kids practice sight words on the bottom portion but one day we started keeping track of snack milk with tally marks. The special person and a buddy have to figure the tally sum and take the wagon to get milk. Cutest thing ever and we now know our 5's, to 30 anyway!!

So, I taught a little lesson about Veteran's Day and we posted them outside the office.
As we lined up to leave, one of the kids mentioned that we get Tuesday off because it's
Veterinarian's Day.

We had a visit a while back from the fire department and we made these Dalmations.

I've been busy filing the pictures into their art portfolios.
These are a wonderful way to store their art projects.

A few Thanksgiving things:
Time to cut and staple vests for the Feast!

I'd like to share a toast (to go with milk, of course) that we begin teaching our kinders at the beginning of November in preparation for our Feast. I have no idea where this came from. Oh dear...

There are good ships
And wood ships
And ships that sail the sea
But the best ships
Are friendships
And may ours always be.

So sweet! I love it dearly and say it at my family Thanksgiving every year!

And here's a poem written last year that's a little long for kinders:

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey’s in the oven, the peas are in the pot.
The pie is on the windowsill until it’s not so hot.

The potatoes are on the stovetop, the yams are in the pan.
Aunt Judy’s green bean casserole won’t be ready “until the top is tan”.

There’s cranberries on the table, gravy in a boat,
And something simmering on the stove that sort of burns my throat.

The stuffing’s in a big bowl, the rolls have been put out.
But there is absolutely no way, I’m eating a Brussels Sprout.

There are plates of beets and carrots, trays of cheese and meat;
My entire house is full of things that I don’t like to eat.

My couch is full of uncles; my kitchen is full of aunts.
Our dining room is overflowing with candles and flowers and plants.

The guest room is off limits and smells like grandma’s perfume.
And Great-grandpa Charlie is napping in my room!

The entryway is packed with shoes; the closet is a coat hodgepodge.
And I’m not supposed to open the door that goes to the garage.

Cousin Lily is in her crib so I can’t make a sound,
And Grandpa Joe is in the backyard – I think he’s just wandering around.

The TV is turned to football; all my toys are put away,
There’s not a single place in my whole house where I can go to play.

Well, they’re calling me for dinner and I know I can’t be rude.
Time to “sit still and mind my manners”; time to poke at all that food.

But wait, what’s this? There’s no little table - sitting over there?
No “special children’s corner.” No rickety folding chair?

And look! Mom is waving me over and dad is smiling with glee.
There’s an open chair right between them – and they’re holding it out for me.

Wow! My own nametag, my own napkin, my own crystal goblet with ice!
Wow! Everyone looks so pretty. Everything smells so nice.

So this is what it’s like. This is the fancy living.
Eating at the grown up table...

Man, I love Thanksgiving!

And finally,
the aprons are up and ready for the holidays, shipping available November 15th!
 I'm putting the master card set on sale this weekend!
Check my TPT store Kinder-gardening /apron.

This quote just made me chuckle.
I'm this tired quite often.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all your art projects and the art portfolio is just genius! The Thanksgiving poems are great. Fantastic idea to put chalkboard paint on your door. Do you sell the kid sized aprons too? That would be perfect to have for the student helper of the day.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. We've got the mini apron ready to go but no one has really shown much interest. :( My kids really love ours. I'm known for forgetting everything so that door comes in quite handy- and it makes the parents feel better! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That post was awesome as usual! You did a LOT this week! Oh my goodness. I absolutely loved that track around your room. The kids will remember that FOREVER! Your posts ALWAYS make me smile! Thank you so much for that! Have a great few hours left of the weekend!

    1. Hello, sweet Carolyn! I knew you would appreciate the free play creations! Your post on turkey fun was AMAZING! What a resource!

  3. Hey sandy I tried to post some pics of my aprons to your Facebook page so see if they show up on your timeline. I'm totally in for the kid size apron.:) I also sent you an email.:)

  4. You had such a fun and busy week!!! I need one of those aprons!! The other day I decided I also need a tool belt for all my highlighters, markers, know! :) Those dalmatians are adorable and I just love that track around the room! I hope you had a Happy Veterinarian's Day! ;)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade