Saturday, November 29, 2014

Five for Friday

Thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting my favorite linky party!

My husband just walked by and reminded me that my posts need to have meaningful content.
 I will try harder to only post about kindergarten ideas.
Next time...
Thanksgiving table ready to go!
My husband runs an amazing nonprofit rafting company.
The pie was made for the annual A.R.T.A.  holiday card.
My carrot cake with two pieces missing. 
I shared this recipe last week. It's a good one!

Just being silly...
It's all about the baste,
No trouble!

I'm working on some Christmas songs for my apron. I have to hand draw because I don't know how to make cards with all of the adorable clip art that I see out there.
 Here's what I've got for Must Be Santa:

We have  a booth at the Northern (January 17-19) and Southern (February 27-28) KindergartenConferences. I'm busy making cutsie doorprize bags for giveaways.
I'm so excited and the very best part is meeting all of you!
 Can you tell how much I hate taking pictures?

By the way, the  aprons are beautifully made in the United States.
It was very important to me to support the textile industry in America!


This next subject is so long that I'm counting it for both 4 and 5!
It's a repost, so forgive me if that's considered improper!

I had a request to show how I use my apron, so here goes...
Brace yourself. I've been using the apron for 2 1/2 years!
Here are a few ways that I use the apron:

First off, you all need to know that my apron came about because I'm a mess. Not only do I need the apron to save my wardrobe, but I leave things everywhere! Unfortunately, I'm sort of known for it. The plastic pockets help me stay more organized and it keeps my hands free-important when you teach five year olds.

It started with sight words. We all have our weekly "password" on our doors. As the kids come through the door, they read the word. Well, my friends would often touch it with their hands and erase the word. So, I started off with spelling one sight word in my pocket. It was perfect for Heidi's sight word songs too, which we love.

Then I decided to put more than one sight word in the pockets. There were those who could read all the words, and others maybe one or two. I could point to the word/s I wanted them to read. It worked as a great quick assessment. My hands were free to take notes or deal with rascally behavior! The other unexpected plus was that the word/s were right at their eye level. Whatever concept I was reinforcing was there all day and they couldn't get away from it!

Next, I tried CVC words. I layered the initial sound with a variety of consonants, all the vowels and different final consonants. As I change the cards, the kids read the words. They have to decide if it's a silly or real word. If it's a real word, they can use it in a sentence Then we tried word families, blends and bossy e. This picture is  a little much. I don't layer this many letters at the beginning stages; I just wanted to show you some examples.

Watch out for inappropriate words!
I jumble sentences, and then have the kids help me unscramble the words. We use our expo pen to write directly onto the plastic to make lower case letters into capitals and add punctuation.

I've placed a period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma and quotation marks in the pockets and then ask them to tell me what each one is called.

We alphabetize the picture noun cards.

They can place picture cards for stories into beginning, middle and end. Author, illustrator, problem and solution.

In math, I've put two and three dimensional shape pictures in the pockets. They've also helped to put numbers in order, identify the teens and then tell me how many tens and units in the chosen number. Patterns, greater than, less than, addition and subtraction, clocks and on and on!!!

And then some days, I just put in a message!
I wrote about this message in an earlier post. We were learning a song for graduation and they needed to know how to spell I love you, so I had it in my pocket for the week.
I got hugs and "Right back at 'ya," all week.

I keep my cards in one of those layered lunch boxes. A recipe file works well, too.

We've included lots of blank cards for you to write on. Write on them with a never come off pen (kinderese for permanent pen), but be sure to erase with a white sponge a day or two later. Otherwise, it won't come off.

If you go to my TPT to get cards, be sure to cut them so that they are as tall the pocket so that you can get them in and out without trouble. Kids don't like to wait while you fiddle with stuck cards!

Really, the ideas for cards are endless!
Are you still with me?
Thanks for putting up with all that!

Ok, it's time to gear up for the holidays! I'm off to get my room ready. It's such a magical time for little ones!
love this.

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