Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Five for Fun

Oh my.
I didn't have time for this last Friday or this weekend.
Or on Monday.
So, instead of a Five for Friday, this is a Five for Fun post.

Here we go with the last 5 days before break. This quote made me laugh.

I hope you have a fun week with your little people.

Hold on to your Santa hat!

Our Holiday Program is this week.
The tutus are unpacked and ready to go.

The necessary props are made for Rudolph buns...

The boy's vests are ready for our wild interpretation of the Russian Soldier's Dance ( this looks very similar to ours).
Seriously, I get hives when December rolls around and it's time to practice.
Every year there are some near misses as we run across the stage.
In fact, I'm amazed no one falls off the stage!
All it takes is hearing the music to make me sweat...
Why bother you may ask?
The parents LOVE it and request it every year.
We close the program and always have a standing ovation.
Coming on Friday...
I love this gift exchange idea.
I posted about this last year. Each child brings a wrapped gift for a boy or girl. It's placed in a box with a string attached. On my word, they pull to get their gift.
So much fun!

We built paper chains.
This is the perfect thing to do at this time of the year when we all make the Christmas countdown chains.
"Ten and Some More Chains" to teach those pesky teens.
We let the Person of the Day put our base ten number cards in order every morning.

It's supposed to be Wants and Needs but at this point of the year, our classroom needs seem  important. What we NEED  are glue sticks, pencils, paper towels and other supplies. Did I say we need glue sticks?  How can we possibly use up the hundereds of glue sticks that we get in August? They are all gone.
All gone...
This was a quick writing project. Each child made a present with the cover that flips open.
The present was supposed to have a WANT for our classroom.
We talked and talked about the difference between needs and wants.
This was my personal favorite for a NEED. 
I'm sure we couldn't possibly live without a lemon shark.
Or Legos.

I think it's back to the drawing board to clarify needs and wants!!

I'm wrapping the aprons up for the holidays.
If you order now, this is how they'll arrive.

We'll be at both the Northern and Southern California Kindergarten Conferences!
I hope to meet lots of you!

I picked up our parent presents at the ceramics shop this weekend and bubble wrapped them all,
after I pressed tutus and vests (busy, busy weekend for us all).
I love these and have two of my very own.
We've been making these for as long as I've been teaching Kindergarten.
I'm now teaching children of my first generation kinders, so the entire family could possibly have little handprints!!

I LOVE this idea and hope to wrap our hands in these precious little houses.

Mrs. Renz' Class: Pinterest Top 3 Pins {Inexpensive Gift Ideas}

Hang in there, everyone!
Love this atta-tutude!


  1. You are THEE most clever person I know. I can't wait to hear all about the conferences. Your program must have been just darling! Merry Christmas, my sweet friend!
    Love, Carolyn

  2. right back at 'cha, Carolyn! You have earned many kisses in Heaven always making sure to comment on my posts.You are a kind, kind person.