Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fourteen in '14 Linky Party

I really don't have time to do this fun linky but I needed a break from the holiday hooopla that's going on at my house. I was so busy last week getting my kinders ready for our celebrations and preparing parent gifts and on and on, that my poor family had to wait. 
My Christmas tree is still in the driveway!
I'm sure you can relate!
Anyway, here goes!
What a year!
Thank you Kristin, Hadar and Traci!

How could I pick only one? I had to post at least two!!

My Craft Closet: Organization Tips and Ideas Part 2 (small home/ BIG IDEAS) - Simplicity in the South

work hard + be kind.

Most of you reading this are young and beautiful. I'm old and not so beautiful and my choice has little to do with fashion... I would have to say that after the week I had (the wild few days before break), anything cozy that belongs to my husband is my favorite article of clothing. At this very moment, I'm sporting his Patagonia hoodie. It's big and soft and warm. He runs a rafting company and owns the very best sweatshirts and outdoor gear! Lucky for me!!
So, I didn't see anything that knocked my socks off.
I don't think that's a good sign.
I'm such a hermit.
Survivor for sure!
I'd make it until I got cold.
Or  hungry.
Or couldn't sleep in a bed.
Or somebody said something mean about me.
We live in a small town and my favorite restaurant is anywhere where someone else is cooking.! HA! I'm tickled to get to go out anywhere!

Selling aprons
Oh my.
Learning about buying, cutting and sewing fabric
(I don't sew, folks).
I'm the CEO, marketing (we need to find a new marketing exec, I'm really bad), and shipping department.
I'm also the one who hears all the complaints and have shed many tears!
Dealing with some disheartening situations
but so appreciative of all the good.
And working very, very hard.
After school.
And loving it!
I treasure any note of appreciation from parents and have kept them all.
They are in my trunk, ready for a rainy day.
I have also received the sweetest five year old phone calls.
My mommies know that I don't mind phone calls from home.
I'm an empty nester and there is nothing better than a five year old voice and conversation.
I consider those phone calls a gift.

This iguana is the best thing EVER!
My kids loved making theirs.

This has to be my walking pocket chart apron.
I can't begin to tell you how scary it was for me to finally show people. I took a very frightening leap of faith and got a booth at the I Teach K! conference. I truly believed we'd sell maybe two if we were lucky. I was also fairly sure that I'd be laughed out of existence. If you were at the conference, you know what I mean when I say I was overwhelmed. Nothing like that has EVER happened to me. I didn't sleep the entire time I was there because I couldn't believe any of it-meeting and talking with the presenters, selling out in three hours, and speaking with amazing teachers from all over the country! I am truly grateful to the incredibly kind ladies who wore my apron during their presentations. They changed my life!
Well, this is sad.
I don't post pictures of my students and I can't find any pictures from our summer trip so I'm going to post an old picture that I still use!!!

Here's our 2009 Christmas card:
As you open the card, it's us, all grown up!

My oldest graduated from Law School and my youngest
drove all the way from Colorado to cheer him on.
They are the best!

To be present and remember to stop and enjoy instead of thinking about what's coming next.


Happy holidays to you all.



  1. <3 I am so happy that I read this this morning! I feel like we had a chance to have coffee and catch up a little sharing your favorite 14! You have a beautiful Christmas and wonderful New Year! What a year you had! I love everything you shared.

  2. You have the kindest heart. Thank you for always commenting. Happy, happy holidays, Carolyn!

  3. I loved this post. I know how you feel about other bloggers being young and beautiful. I still feel young, but I know that the younger teachers look at my "silver" hair and think I'm ancient! Your aprons are awesome!
    Smarticle Particles

  4. Sandy, Great Christmas card. I have always wanted to do that. Maybe next year. are young and beautiful (if that's you), so no more of that talk! I need to check your aprons out. Congratulations!