Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas conversation

I don't have time for any of these fun linkys!
It's December 23rd and my tree is STILL in the driveway!!
And I'm late for this particular linky but couldn't resist!
Thank you Abby of Inspired Apple for a fun way to procrastinate!
I think I was too wordy and I don't know how to make the font bigger!!
You'll need a magnifying glass...


  1. Oh I just love you so much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the walk and question. <3 That is the best! And I'd LOVE your cinnamon roll recipe! XOX

  2. The walk with my boy is hilarious. I ask and he either answers or laughs hysterically. He's a man of few words, too so I don't get details unless I ask very specific questions. BOYS!

  3. Your walk sounds like fun! And I bet those cinnamon rolls were yummy!!! :) I'm looking for signs of spring already too :)


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