Friday, December 5, 2014

Five for Friday

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my kindergarten world. 
We had a busy week!

Thanks to Doodle bugs for hosting!
I can't believe I actually posted on a Friday!

It's all about gingerbread this week and next.
We made these little houses and loaded them with sweets.
They're a simplified version of a gingerbread house and our kids had a blast decorating them.
Kid Friendly christmas cookies & other Christmas cookie ideas
My picture is lost somewhere in my camera so I had to use this one.
We used regular frosting for decorating but used royal frosting for building.
I don't know what it is about royal frosting, but before I know it,  I'm covered from head to toe.
It has to be the messiest stuff ever.

We made Rudolph's Crazy Cousin but I couldn't convince the kids to make silly eyes.
Last year's class made him/her look really silly and then I couldn't get them to make uncrossed eyes on any of our art projects for the rest of the year!
This group is so serious!
These bows were so easy and the kids helped put them together.
No problems!
My high school helper is generous with glitter.
And she doesn't even get it all over!!!!!
She's magical.
I'm usually covered and look ridiculous when I go to the grocery store or bank.
In fact, I'll probably die from glitter lung, if there is such a thing.

I guess we hadn't made a big enough mess, so next we made ornaments (you have to look closely to see them in the picture down below) and gingerbread babies. 
We read two versions of  The Gingerbread Man and will spend next week comparing and contrasting. We'll also be using Deanna Jump's 
It's wonderful!
Gingerbread BUNDLE  Math & Literacy unit with Centers
Gotta love the tutus!
Look closely for the ornaments!

We began a quick study of wants and needs.
What a perfect subject for this time of year!
Sharing Kindergarten has a cute Wants and Needs Print and Play Pack that we're using.
Wants and Needs {Print & Play Pack}

In reading...
I still have a few kids struggling with sound blending and they absolutely LOVED these wonderful activities from this CVC pack by Growing Kinders.
The word sliders worked really well and brought lots of smiles.
This is one of the best packs I've ever purchased.
CVC Intervention Kit - RTI {Short A}

We wrote a wish list for Santa this week.
Deedee Wills has a wonderful writing unit that we're using.
I recommend all of her writing units!
Writing Work Station for December
I can read the whole list!!!

This little sweetie wants:
a make up kit
Elsa dress up
bounce house
swimming pool
I can also see that we need to work on capitals and when to use them, and where in the heck is Spaceman?

Deedee also has an amazing Math Journal that we are loving!
Daily Math Journals for December-CCSS aligned
I really believe in math journals.

How cute is this?

I use my apron for songs as well as math and reading.
This week we started off on Monday with a quick game of hangman
to figure out the word I had hidden in the pockets.
Once they figured out the word ,we sang
"I Know a Round and Jolly Man" to the tune of Bingo.

We turned over one card for each verse and substituted a clap for the letter. 
I'm pretty sure you know the routine.
Boy, can they spell Santa now!

It was Ugly Sweater Day today at our school and look at the sweater the secretary (and good friend) made for me!

I decided to make an ugly Christmas apron...

but then I decided I liked the bow and stopped!
Here's a shameless and blurry plug for the aprons!

It's raining in California!!
I had forgotten what a puddle looks like. 
In fact, if you have a puddle in your yard in my town, you're fined(watering restrictions).
So, you can imagine I was a little off my game reminding my kidlets to stay out of puddles.
One of my little buddies rounded the corner to our building running at full force, heading towards the biggest puddle in the yard (It's a spectacular puddle, if I  do say so myself. We use it to learn about evaporation).
Anywho, I could clearly see what was about to happen.- I raised two puddle jumpers of my own.
I'm pretty sure I had this look on my face as I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Nobody move! I dropped my nut.
It was too late. 
That puddle was calling his name.
The splash was epic!
LOVE the composition and LOVE that the girls reflection is included in this shot - makes me want to go jump in a puddle :)  Photo by Danielle Donders (Mothership Photography) - Second place for the "yellow theme" Iheartfaces photography competition.

My only regret was that I didn't join in.
I've got the whole weekend to find the perfect puddle!
Now, if I can just find my rain boots!
Go find a puddle!


  1. As always, I just LOVE your posts. I feel like we are just talking over a cup of coffee, getting ready to go jump in puddles! I LOVE all of your craft ideas! That bow is too precious. I don't think you could make your aprons ugly! :) Have a wonderful weekend! You forgot to mention your BIRTHDAY! That's gotta be up there on the fav five!
    XOX Carolyn

  2. I asked the kids how old they thought I was and they guessed 16. As the smile spread across my face, and I was about to say thank you, someone else guessed 80. We counted from one to 57 and the looks of horror were hilarious.

  3. Great post! Love all your art projects. They are soo cute! The ugly sweater is pretty funny. I thought the bow looked cute on your apron...good decision to just stop on that one. I am in Cali too and had a few kiddos "try" out some puddles this week.

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! Those puddles...More coming this week. Yipeeeee! I love your blog!