Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five for Friday!

It's been a while since I've written a Five for Friday.
I'm on the run this morning, delivering fabric and prepping for Ground Hog Day , only to be followed the next day with the 100th Day of School celebration. That almost seems cruel...
Just teasing! I love all the hoopla!

I had a booth for the aprons at the Pk1 conference in Santa Clara, California two weekends ago.
It was so much fun to meet kindergarten teachers from all over California. I got to take a picture with sweet Palma!
 I also got to attend some of the presentations on Friday and came away with wonderful tips to use with my class.
One of my favorites was from Heidi Butkus.
She suggested that while helping kids learn how to write an opinion piece, teach them how to spell the word because to the tune of Old MacDonald.
I gave it a try and I'm here to tell you it was a huge success!
We looked closely at the word and broke it into chunks to make even more sense of the spelling.
Finally, we wrote it on our tables with whiteboard pens while we sang the song.
They always gasp and say, "We can't write on the tables!!! We'll get in BIG trouble!"
I'm such a rebel.

Look at these wonderful sentences:

 I like summer because I go to the pool.
I like to go the beach in summer because I make sand castles.
Thanks again, Heidi for making my teaching better!

January is gone!
Here are our bulletin boards for the month!

Another "changed my world" moment came from Heidi. She recommended taking a look at this wonderful handwriting program called Living Letters!
My kids totally "got it" and the improvement in their handwriting is exciting. I purchased the wipe off boards and alphabet poster and will be ordering the handwriting paper shortly.
Needless to say, I'm impressed.

I'm excited to show you a peek at the new fairy tale card set that is almost complete. The adorable clip art is from my sweet friend Susanna at Whimsy Workshop. The pack will include: Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The cards fit perfectly into the apron pockets but will work well in your pocket chart too. They're perfect for story telling, sequencing, teaching characters, beginning, middle and end and on and on.
When I teach Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I sing my own version of that silly Three Bears Rap with the cards layered in the apron pockets. I'll get brave someday and post a video of how I maneuver the cards as I sing. I've been teaching kids how to sing off key for over 30 years so you can only imagine my hesitation to perform on a video for all to see.
Oh my...

Here's my post from last year for Groundhog Day:

Because I can't say Punxsutawny Phil and my children are even worse at it, I call him P. Philly, sort of like P.Diddy. Here's my rap to go with the art project:

Hey P. Philly, what do you say?
Let’s get to work, it’s Groundhog Day.

Time to tell us what the weather will bring.
Six weeks of winter or early spring?

Hey P. Philly, what’s the news?
Open your eyes and take in the views.

If you see your shadow, winter’s here to stay,
And if you don’t see it, spring is on the way.

Hey P. Philly, what’s that you’re sayin’?
If it’s sunny outside that means winter’s stayin’?

And if it’s cloudy out that means winter’s excused?
I hear what you’re sayin’ but you seem confused.

Well, thanks P. Philly, that’s really cool.
Now we know what to wear to school.

If it’s cloudy out we wear swimsuits,

And if it’s sunny out we wear our boots!

My first and favorite is this pin from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Her blog is amazing and has helped me so many times. This is a pin from a packet she has for sale on TPT called Tops and Bottoms Companion Pack. It's very clever, adorable and on my list for sure!! The rabbit, veggie and fruit people are sooooooo sweet. Hurry over to check it out.

Here's her bear. Isn't he the cutest? I love that the eyes open and close. As soon as I saw him, I thought he would make a great ground hog. Perfect for  the whole waking up from a winter's nap thing!  I just added whiskers( he needs a few more) and teeth. Mine isn't as sweet as hers but you get the idea.

Here's mine.

And here's what I be doing on Sunday for the 100th Day...
We do all the same activities as everyone else. My 100 year old people are a little different though.
I prep the wrinkled paper bag face dress/shirt and lace collar ahead of time.
The kids use lima beans for the lips and black eyed peas for the eyes.
Here are a few:
This is a response that I've never gotten before!
So precious, every single one!
Here are last year's portraits.
Now it's time to figure out where I stashed my cane and grey wig...

Look what I found at recess on our kindergarten playground.
How sweet is this?
Kids are amazing to me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

See ya!


  1. Sandy you are so sweet to mention me! I just came by to say hello and this was a lovely surprise. So glad you like the graphics! Oh - and we also do the craft with the eyelids and for some reason the results are always hysterical!

  2. Sandy, I always LOVE your posts. They just make me happy! You do the most fun things in your class. Your bulletin boards are just amazing. Oh my gosh, I love the "because" song idea- and ... my kids need to know where those letters live on the line. They are floating all over the place! Your poem is PRECIOUS- and I love the barbecue guy! TOO funny!

  3. Hi Sandy, I especially like the "old" portraits done with wrinkled paper and the writing that goes with them. I'm gathering ideas for a few new things this year. I have two weeks before 100 day yet... maybe more if we get that snow day tomorrow. Over a foot expected and no let up in snow for 24 hours. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom