Friday, January 9, 2015

Five for Friday

It's the weekend!
Hallelujah By Martin Patten
Hallelujah By Martin Patten

This will be a quick Five for Friday!
I'm getting the aprons ready for the Northern California PK1 Conference.
Lots to do!
As always, thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting!

We're learning about estimation so I pulled out our Guesstimation Jar.
The kids love to do this activity and it truly improves their estimation skills!
Each Monday, I place something thematic into the jar and let them spend the week trying to estimate how many things are inside. We record their original (usually outlandish) estimate on the white board. On Thursday, I take out ten of the items and show them what that amount looks like. Next, I ask them if they'd like to revise their Monday guesstimate.
On Friday, we count the collection into baggies by tens and extras. I hang the baggies on the clothes line and then we count by tens and then count on to find the final amount.
So much fun!
This week it was styrofoam snowballs.

We're also learning to write those pesky teens. Of course we're using our base ten blocks to learn that teens are made of tens and some extras.
We made our little flip books this week.

The cards really seem to help!
For a week,  they put the cards in order as part of their morning work
You can find them in my TPT store.

Time to do my Martin Luther King activity.

I don't post pictures of my kiddos so I had to use my picture for this.
How humiliating.
Anywho, I made each child into a McFrosty using Picmonkey.
Of course, their pictures are much cuter!
Hint; take their pictures with their jackets on so it looks wintery.
And don't have a truck driving by in the background...

Busy, busy weekend getting ready for the 
Northern California PK1
Kindergarten Conference!

Apron Give Aways!

We'll have our aprons at a great price!
Be sure to stop by and say hello!
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Sandy, I LOVE your base ten cards! They make it so much more clear for the kids. Oh my gosh, I love the McFrosty pictures! LOVE them. What a great idea! AND your estimation jar. How perfect. Thank you so much. Oh how I wish I could be at that conference and see you! :)
    Happy Weekend!

  2. McFrosty is so cute!! I may have to do that with my kiddos. I agree with Carolyn, your base ten cards are brilliant!
    Smarticle Particles

  3. Can you share some poem books for preschool students? My child is in Phoenix preschool and I want that he learn some more poems so that he can do better performance in school. Please help me dear.